Saturday, August 21, 2004

Oh that Maggu.

In somebody's blog I came across this word Maggu.
So writing this post.

I was awestruck even before I came to IITK, for people out here are the best brains of our country. My host (an IIT K alumnus) took me around the campus.

Coming out from Visitors' Hostel, we passed through Girls' Hostel (old), Health Centre, SAC, Academic area and we were at the library.

While I was admiring the fountain I heard my host nostalgically mumbling,"This place is also called “Magalaya” (a place for mugging-up for the exams). I know commenting on the lingo which is alien to you is not desirable. For instance, here a word bakait I guessed meant somewhat like dacoit but its exact meaning even a native can not explain in words. Anyway 'mugging’ for me simply meant the literal meaning of the word. I could not digest that Chapus (genius))out here could resort to such a thing as cramming, which I thought was a patent of those to whom God was not so kind while distributing grey matter.

This mugging business reminded me of an anecdote narrated by my father:

During 1960’s dad’s first job in account's services took him to Barabanki for a training program. There was this bunch of young recruits from the different parts of India. Since enthusiasm was common in all, soon they became buddies.

Of all the instructors, dad distinctly remembered Mr. Kar, a finance expert with excellent communication skills. To begin with the introduction, he asked everybody to tell about any special quality or skill that each one of them possessed. Everyone mentioned some quality or other of himself. One of them said,
“I am very good at cramming. Give me any printed matter and I would reproduce it as it is.”

“OK”, the wide-eyed Mr. Kar sighed and gave him a sheet of typed paper.

When the class assembled next day, the boy came forward and in parrot-fashion reproduced the contents of the given page without any pauses at commas, full-stops, etc. There was an uneasy calm in the classroom. The boy had proved his point. “Good”, exclaimed Mr. Kar, “Now it’s my turn. Go to the library and bring any book.” The boy came back with a thick book on Indian Penal Code!!

Mr. Kar asked him to open the book at any page and hand it over. Mr. Kar scanned the page for a few minutes and returned the book to the boy. Then he coolly reproduced the contents of the full page with all the sections, clauses, sub-clauses including the reference numbers, etc, and that too with proper pauses at the right places.



Anonymous said...

Hats off to all maggu's .. I always had a tough time mugging up things in college .. now its a different ball game .. you are expected not to mug up on the job :)

Manish said...

That was funny :-)

I will tell you the exact meaning of "Bakait".
It is derived from word "Bak", mean speaking. A Bakait is one, who is God in smart speaking, who can pull anyone's leg with his gift of the gab.

There is a funny incident related to word Bakaiti. Early into the marriage, my wife was struggling hard to get used to my IIT-K lingo. She simply asked me meaning of some 'terms' while for other she tried to guessed.

One day, my mother,aunt and my wife were having a chat. Suddenly, my mother remembered she had to go market for vegetables. As she was about to leave, my wife said - "Mummy, aap Bakaiti keriye, Sabzi hum le aatey hain". For a moment, mummy was shocked hearing this from the newly wed bahoo.

But soon everyone realize the problem and burst into laughter. Actually, my wife assumed the meaning of "Bakaiti" as chatting :-)

We laugh even now when remember the incident.

vandy said...

That is more funny.

Bak...speak,Thanks for explaining one of the(logical) meanings of the word.

Hubby told me that This term is used in both good and bad context.and didn't even bother to explain....thought
I'll not understand....

vandy said...

Hats off to all the maggu's ..right__VerMaverick

Some ppl even Mug up Maths and manage good grades haha
really a God gift.But in this lingo...I think Maggu means a person who is studying all the time and not the cramming ..Pl enlighten me..

Manish said...

Your hubby is right. "bakait" is very subtle can be used for positive and negative way but is really very difficult to explain :-)

You are right about the word "maggu". It's not exactly cramming. It's about studying a lot. Maggus are much despised lot, at least in IIT-K.

vandy said...

"bakait apne aap main bahut 'Bakait' word hai"___
An Alumnus

Manish said...

Ha ha.... :-)