Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Best Things in Life are Not Free.

Best things in life are free or we have to pay a hell lot for them depends on the unit for measuring the value of an object and what exactly is the best. 

First of all, the best things are not things but moments which we also call bliss. For each of us bliss is different. For a woman who is fasting for nine days during Navrati, the first morsel of spicy and tangy food is bliss. It is not free. She has earned it by creating the appetite  for nine long days.

See a mother gazing at her child while breast-feeding. It is her moment but didn't she pay for it beforehand, waiting for the nine long months and then labor pains which is of course a small price but  she did pay for the bliss.

Sunrise, one of the wonders of nature which reminds us that we are a part of the vast universe. It is an amazing sight to behold especially if like me you too are a highlander. We can see the sun suddenly rising above the mountains.We can see its first ray travelling and gently hitting us. To enjoy it we have to have a mind free from all the tensions. If I  have one then it means I have earned this moment by being economically stable, being healthy, by living a disciplined life. Above all I'll have to get up early that day which is also a big price to pay for many of us.

Love, they say is priceless.You meet someone you like and you find out that  the other person also likes you a lot. Then you get pampered, admired and worshiped. You found your moment of bliss. After sometimes something happens and you part ways. Anyway those moment will always remain with you.Was it free? No. Won't you pay for it for a long time by carrying the burden in some corner of your heart?

I too have my best moments. My evening walk is one of them. The day before, it was karwachauth, When all the married women and girls in Northern India were waiting for the moon to appear to start the rituals and puja which they observe for the well being of their husbands, fianc├ęs and boyfriends, I found the full moon following me during my evening walk. I also played a little game with it by suddenly stopping to dodge and see if it also stops with me.The full moon, behind the trees winked and seemed to say, "You can't dodge me." At that very moment on FM, Kishore Kumar joined us and sang this song: Chanda oh chanda,kisne churai teri meri nindia..( Oh! dear moon ,who has robbed us of our sleep)
I can't call it free as I paid its price when I felt the moisture in the corner of my eyes..

 For me bliss would be when we, who are a tiny part of the whole would reunite with Him and become one (as our scriptures say). Like a river that runs hundreds of miles and becomes one with the vast ocean. But then the river too pays the  price by covering the distance and continuously struggling and longing to meet its origin.

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