Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mom's Diary-3

It was a rare site for me to see my son doing his HW at 10.30 pm,when I came back from my after dinner stroll.He was sleepy but cautious that his work should be neat.
I told him to go to sleep and finish it tomorrow morning.He declined my offer saying what if he cdn't do it in the morning?? This Ma'am is very strict."She even slapped me once!!"
We didn't know that someone else is overhearing this tale of humiliation till my daughter appeared saying,
"The same teacher taught me two yrs back but never hit me, he is very naughty!! But teachers don't beat gals and poor boys even get their ears twisted, and we can see its really painful"
My heart sank, the way it does when he comes home with a swollen thumb after a duel, from his 'Tae kwondo' class.
I have already started feeling nervous for him when I hear stories of ragging in the colleges.

Now my question is "'Is life more difficult for boys than for Gals??


sanguine said...

shudnt this ques be reverse ? i mean to be politically correct in india ..

hi vandy , came via manish's some of ur past posts. loved ur ganeshi's post. really nice. wl, be back again for more.

deepakjeswal said...

It's tough for both, but in different respects! Though, yes men's problems/difficulties etc are quickly shoved under the carpet of the larger 'women's cause' those of which might not be wholly true in the urban scenario!

Anyways, dont let the mother take too much control on ur child, he will learn, and grow fine, just guide him with good principles!

deepakjeswal said...

meant *"dont let mother in u take..."

vandy said...

Hi Richa.
welcome here :-)
Richa actually in my circle I never saw a girl/women really suffering.even if she was not good in study...she got married and enjoying I mean no pressure/tension for earning money etc.
...Now let me go and check ur blog:-)

vandy said...

Hi Deepak.
you always do it for me....sum up my posts and give it a proper conclusion.

mother take too much control on ur child...As if he will allow me to control him..:-))

Tarun said...

In India, life more difficult for gals than for boys??

Manish said...

Actually, in an equal society, I would put this way, life of a girl is slightly more easy.

A girl in class, college, home always got away with which we(boys) couldn't. Be it sister, wife, class or college mate.

That's why they call them "fairer sex".

vandy said...

Hi Tarun
I agree with manish and deepak.

Right Manish!!

Anonymous said...

i think the little boys are naughtier ... don't think there is much of a discrimination though.. guys n girls have their equal share of problems growing up :)

its really not fair to hit a child though... cuz kids are kids... the teacher is a real sadist...she can't manage them without being a hitler it seems..

on a lighter note.. i remembered a joke...

student: teacher will u punish me for somethign i did not do?

teacher : of course not

student: that's great .. cuz i haven't done my homework.. :)

vandy said...

naughtier they are :-)
Joke is good..haha

red said...

i feel they have an equal share,if boys have larger problems of finances then girls have some hidden responsibilities too.

vandy said...

hi red
They hv equal share..but in general sympathy goes to females only ...

sanguine said...

no new post . likho baba..

Navjot Kashyap said...

Came to your blog from your comment on Red ji's blog.
Nice blog you have.
As far as life of boys & girls are concerned ... well its difficult in different ways and also good in different ways. In the urban scenario I think its almost difficult to same extent, but in rural or semi urban areas - girls' life is more difficult.

Ashish Gupta said...

Pink Floyd...
"The Happiest Days of Our Lives"

"Well, when we grew up and went to school,
There were certain teachers,
Who would hurt the children in any way they could,
By pouring their derision,
Upon anything we did,
Exposing every weakness,
However carefully hidden by the kids."

Ashish Gupta said...

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I bet you aren't gonna regret a few min worth of download time!

Tarun said...

Life untill college is just for 22 years but in reality in India life of girls in poor class is difficult than boys.

vandy said...

@ navjot.
Welcome here.
".....well its difficult in different ways" Right u are!
Summer vacations starting from tomorrow.So will surely post sth.

@ Ashish.
Now I know Why Pink Floyd is a fav of so many ppl.
Thanks for the link bhai!

@ Tarun.
Ya !
Going to read ur post on 'Tehri Dam' I always wanted to write on this topic.Good I got to read it.

rachana said...

hi vandy,,from another mom..
read many of ur posts..ganeshi and of living----- liked the most.
well life is tough these days for both girls and boys, i guess...

Anonymous said...

is this place gonna get updated or not ?????? Grrr kit kit...

vandy said...

hi rachna.
Welcome here and thanks.

grr kit kit.....:-)