Tuesday, December 07, 2004


She grew up with a sis (didi) who was beautiful and had long lovely tresses, and a bro (bhai) who made her laugh till she cried. Both the siblings never ever made her realize (even during the worst fights) that they had a complexion many shades lighter than hers.When the outsiders (read relatives) reminded her, bro and sis were there as a shield.

School: Teachers loved her.
College: Teachers…who are they?
Friends : See a trailer.
A day before holi,Parul dancing ON the table in the college (all gals) canteen, exactly like Amitabh, enthralling the huge crowd of girls. Singers, dancer , players(state\ national level) Head-girl, all were there in her gang.

Marriage: She saw the boy and said NO. “ ..he is very fair (kitna gora hai.)I I’ll be conscious throughout my life.
Then she met “boy’s” parents. They were a very fair and cute middle aged couple. Had a casual chat over a cup f tea.

That day while watching TV when she sat near hubby dear, who was engrossed in a book. She said: see the contrast your hand and mine…

"Hey why did you marry me"?

He didn’t even hear her. Hmm what? So she had to repeat. He smiled and said:

“Because love is colour- blind,” and got busy in the book again.

I wonder if being fair skinned or beautiful makes any difference in day to day life?If a person is not endowed with these qualities, Should he/ she have any regrets?


Anonymous said...

wonderful and thought provoking post...fair complexion...sundarata ki nishani...bull shit...all imbibed in our system that's y fair & lovely is doing brisk business...and just hate when people comment on complexion...pata nahi kabh sudherenge...zilch

Deepak Jeswal said...

HI...after a long time, indeed...and a wonderful one! Yes, our obsession for fair color, esp in North India (read Particularly Punjabis)is a bit too much and almost akin to the vile aparthied policy... and this is true not only for girls but for males as well..(tall , dark and handsome is certainly not for them...it has to be tall, fair and handsome!) . And, on top of that, the fainess cream manufacturers (Like Fair and Lovely) hv rubbed it in even more with their incessant advertisements...sickening! Beauty is sth that belies color- in fact, it has nothing to do with it...it is all about features, expressions and the way one carries oneself ( if u really hv to talk about skin-deep beauty). Anyways, it will take some time before the craze for the gori-chitti bahu wanes! Good post! - DEEPAK

Manish said...

And who is she?

Very nice post. This gora-kala business, like many other shady business, has taken very ugly shape. Her hubby is only one of his kind. Today, even ugly, good-for-nothing grooms want fair and lovely girl. Just cast a look at matrimonials, and picture gets clear.

I am not posting comment from office, so there is no restriction :-)

vandy said...

and who is she........he he he (grin)


Matrimonials are sooo funny sometimes.

And nice to see you here. :-)

vandy said...

Right you are.

vandy said...

Hi Deepak

Your comment looks like extention of my post.

But I don't think its true for the boys too.Is it?

all the Fair & Lovely ads are so stuoid and irritating.

Manish said...

Oh no. It feels nice to me to be here. The guilt of not able to comment on lovely posts of you, Arunima and Abhaya is overwhelming.

As far as what Deepak says regarding boys is slightly true. But it is so less that it hardly matters. Ultimately parents wish prevails upon the girl and that's it.

Deepak Jeswal said...

Manish / Vandy...its true for boys also...at least when parents of a girl go scouting for a groom, munda gora nahin hai clause does work...unless of course he comes with mitigants like a green card or acres of land!

Gul said...

hi :) i used to have a friend in chennai we used to call vandi (vandana) vandi means car in tamil, am wonderin if u pronounce your name in the western style or tamilian... nice blogs- calm, collected, thought provoking...good to be here.

vandy said...

Nice to see this cute lil girl on my blog.

My name is pronounced in 'English' way only.Actually a friend gave me this name.Short-form of my real name, as you hv mentioned.
In college hardly anyone knew my real name,not even most of the teachers.
Vandy -car. didn't know that. :-)

Will keep visiting your blog

the_new_cloud said...

In my opinion , a girl with ok type color looks the best... :-P

Vini said...

hmmm.. this is so very typical of north indian arranged marriages!!

vandy said...

No Vini, this is NOT very typical of north Indian arranged marriages.:-)

vandy said...

@new cloud
Ok type colour ...actually if skin is good... any colour looks good.and many other things also count..for that read Deepak's comment.
and long time no post on your blog?

Deepak Jeswal said...

laddoo? boondi waala ya besan waala? At one point of time there used to be a dabba full of laddoos in our house always (before my dad's heart surgery)! aaj sunte hi munh mein paani aa gaya

vandy said...

Hi Deepak,
That I wrote on Manish's blog and you are replying here ..I like it!
No ,these ladoos are made of Atta (wheat flour), a winter special.Being a punjabi you must be knowing abt it.
I wish I could share it with my blog friends , specially who are away from their home and mummy dear!

Manish said...

Atta Laddo- I know all about it. My favourite, not just because they are the only ones I can eat.
Some times, people also add dry fruits to make it more tasty.

the_new_cloud said...

Atta Laddu....
He He..
Me a Punjabi too... You talking about "Pinni"..
If i am not wrong thats the name of the "Atta Laddus"
Mom makes them...Very tasty..
Contact me whenever anyone feels like having one.. Will courier them...:-)

vandy said...

Hi manish & New cloud,
The Topicis becoming too tasty ...yum yumm :-)

Anonymous said...

Ashtrix says ...

Sorry to interrupt the 'sweet' mood here. But if you guys don't mind .... I have to comment on the post.

Vandy, the presentation of the topic is first rate. A very well concieved post.

Coming to the contents ... yes unfortunately the fixation for a 'gori' kudi is quite absurd. Did you guys ever obsereve .. the matrimonial ads for a girl would only state fair or very fair as complexion :-)).

Actually what your hubby said .. is extremely nice and I am sure it made you swoon. Lucky girl.

Waise personally I have had this thing about the 'not fair' ones. I absolutely found/find Smita Patil, Nandita Das and even Rani Mukherjee to be extremely attractive. :-).

And finally ... I loved one of the comments on .. 'ok color' being the best. Ha ha ha. Very funny !!

vandy said...

Hi Ashish
Nice to get such compliments,especially from the ppl who themselves write so well.(Hope others are also listening...)

Matrimonial ads ... sometimes they even write "ati sundar":-)

Nandita Das and Smita patil are my fav too.Abt nandita, that day my son was reading books on scientists (Newton and Darwin etc)and both the books were written by Nandita Das!books were interesting and well written.

Manish said...

'Ati Sundar'. Right you said. Quite a times, I have also found, shockingly, - 'virgin'. Some would add 'God Fearing', as well.

Then one which makes me laugh the most - 'Should love Dogs'. They want to control other's lives to this extent.

Anonymous said...

new post plz...zilch

Anonymous said...

well, i can just share my thoughts with you... Color is so extrinsic in nature that beauty shouldnt be seen in black or white only... Nature is beautiful, but have u seen the countless shades of color in nature? thats what beauty is all about...it is simply the perception one might have about something very insignificant, yet beautiful to him/her! Its not a definition, all about how you feel....catch me at http://dreamofthedolphin.rediffblogs.com

vandy said...

Hi Shibaji
well said.
I did visit ur blog and my comment is due out there.:-)

vandy said...

New post...........Haazir hai.

Anonymous said...

hi..mehak here..after a long time....love surely is Color-Blind...wonderful post.

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tanvi said...

hi vandy tanvi here the sparkle,the enthusiasm to do and be something that u have in ur eyes that is beauty.that smile of urs which reflects purity,honesty,willingness to fight the wrong,the warmth that u leave in ones heart that is beauty.to love with the purpose of being loved is human,but to love with the purpose of loveing is that of angels and thats u and gods angels ought to be beautiful beause they are his best creations
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vandy said...

Hey Tan :)