Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The storyteller

While watching Prem Rog on TV this afternoon, I thought  of a classmate/friend of mine, Anita Rawat , the great storyteller who narrated the story of this film to me (us)almost 3 decades back.

I don't know how many people are aware of this genre and talent of(film) storytelling. She used to start from the casting and could make her listeners visualize 'The End',on the screen.These sessions used to take place in the free periods at some corner of the playground of the school while enjoying the winter sun and continued in various parts throughout the week.The mesmerized listeners were found in tears sometimes.I wonder if there is a 'Filmfare Award' for such orators.

When I saw this film with my friends,whom I was visiting, in a theatre which is now submerged in water along with the orchards,bazaars, schools, a palace and a clock tower of Tehri Garhwal, I had already heard the story. OMG !! She had even described the cleavage of the heroine so vividly.

When I returned from Dehradun to Pauri after one of my winter-breaks and announced that Sunjay Dutt was looking great in Vidhata
I was requested by SD fans to tell the story,I couldn't continue after 5-6 minutes."Picture Khatam"??They asked. We all had a good laugh.Then I realised that Storytelling is not everybody's cup of tea or bowl of popcorn.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Funny FlipKart Ad

Don't miss the statue in the ad :-)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A visitor

Suffering from viral, I was admitted to Health Centre. I'm back after two days of home-sickness. Apart from many other friends
see who came to visit me. :-)

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Trip to South India

Thanks to the frequent drizzle that made the weather agreeable and to our wonderful hosts to make our trip enjoyable.
Throughout my stay I kept comparing North and south India regarding development, roads, weather, traffic, people,police (kaval in tamil ) food etc.
The journey by Brindavan Express, from Chennai to Bangalore was enjoyed most. For the first time in my life I enjoyed the food available in trains. My God, those dosas were heavenly :-)
It was nice to see ladies wearing thick gold chains and ornaments while traveling. Here in north chain snatching is so rampant that it is not at all safe .

Pondicherry was exactly the same as I had imagined, specially the streets (rues)around Aurobindu Ashram ,the French–style houses and restaurants, etc.

Like my Mumbai trip, I kept thinking about the bloggers from Chennai whose blogs I read. I wondered if one of them was around when I was strolling at City Centre, Adyar, KFC or T Nagar. But I had no luck :-(

One thing that I missed during these eight days was a cup of proper tea-kadak(strong) Chai. But I got a double dose of tea in the form of a book called Chai-Chai, which I wanted to read but was not getting here.

Time to return and how true was what I read in Chai Chai: “..return journeys are always shorter and more assuring”.
I found myself humming the nursery rhyme my dad used to repeat whenever he used to return from his official tours ‘Dekh liya humne jug sara-----apna ghar hai sabse pyara. (I have seen the whole world and realized that my own cozy home is the best)