Monday, June 14, 2010

A Trip to South India

Thanks to the frequent drizzle that made the weather agreeable and to our wonderful hosts to make our trip enjoyable.
Throughout my stay I kept comparing North and south India regarding development, roads, weather, traffic, people,police (kaval in tamil ) food etc.
The journey by Brindavan Express, from Chennai to Bangalore was enjoyed most. For the first time in my life I enjoyed the food available in trains. My God, those dosas were heavenly :-)
It was nice to see ladies wearing thick gold chains and ornaments while traveling. Here in north chain snatching is so rampant that it is not at all safe .

Pondicherry was exactly the same as I had imagined, specially the streets (rues)around Aurobindu Ashram ,the French–style houses and restaurants, etc.

Like my Mumbai trip, I kept thinking about the bloggers from Chennai whose blogs I read. I wondered if one of them was around when I was strolling at City Centre, Adyar, KFC or T Nagar. But I had no luck :-(

One thing that I missed during these eight days was a cup of proper tea-kadak(strong) Chai. But I got a double dose of tea in the form of a book called Chai-Chai, which I wanted to read but was not getting here.

Time to return and how true was what I read in Chai Chai: “..return journeys are always shorter and more assuring”.
I found myself humming the nursery rhyme my dad used to repeat whenever he used to return from his official tours ‘Dekh liya humne jug sara-----apna ghar hai sabse pyara. (I have seen the whole world and realized that my own cozy home is the best)


Ashish Gupta said...

And today only, I was watching this music video I have of a song titled "Far far away". The lyrics go something like this:

It still seems for the best
And I'm far, far a-way
With my head up in the clouds
And I'm far, far a-way
With my feet down in the crowds
Letting loose around the world
But the call of home is loud
Still as loud!

Great that you had a vacation didi :-) Pics share karo na. Picasa par to sharing with those whom you invite, option bhi hai! I see you had fun at a beach! :-)

vandy said...

Thanks bro

ya I had a great time.


Rajeev S said...

South is not Chennai + banglore :)
I would say you missed the best places like Hyderabad and Kerala(If nature tourism is your piece of cake )

vandy said...

Covering all the places in trip wd hv been difficult.Kerala and Hydbd Next LTC...:)

Manish said...

The scenery from Chennai to Bangalore too is awesome, especially during rains.

On '‘Dekh liya humne jug sara, apna ghar hai sabse pyara', there is a popular quote in Hindi : Jo Sukh Chhajju Ke Chaubarey, Woh Na Balakh Bukharey :-)

vandy said...

Right Manish :)
Such rhymes suit me a lot
...a home bird.