Friday, February 05, 2016

The Evening Walk

I discovered the pleasure of walking only after I came to the beautiful campus of IITK. Before that I did go for trekking, cycling and played badminton and volleyball but never walked. May be there ia a certain age required to enjoy walking for the sake of walking. Walking lured me during the long, busy days with two little school going kids, when I longed for some quality time with myself. So,when hubby used to come back from the office to be with kids, I used to be out for my evening walks. This piece appeared in EYES, our campus magazine in 2003, before Blogging and Facebook had happened.
Nothing’s like a brisk walk after a long day, that too on the newly tarred roads of the campus. As I move on many faces pass me by. Mostly I am with my inner self but do overhear sometimes;
"Aye tum school jaate ho? Kya hota hai wahaan?" Says a boy , pushing vegetable cart,to another.
Further near academic area, a cyclist to another, "Metrix dekh li?"
And then a rickshawalla to me "Bitiya gate jana hai?
Antragni is going on, so SAC is crowded with Junta full of verve and gusto. No soft drink ads amongst the chocolate and coffee banners. Thanks to the person behind this, sighed the mom in me!
Park-67 is a treat to the eyes but some trees are missing, what do you say? Strong Winds in the month of august already left the campus minus many green trees, but that was nature's fury. Every tree's death diminishes me. Indeed!

No matter how isolated the lane is where my 40 minutes walk takes me to, I'm never too far from an SIS guard. He suddenly appears in the scene like a gin, to my relief, as there is always a fear of a stray dog, monkeys and even a snake.
So..another day..another route
appeared in EYES, 2003