Friday, September 23, 2005

Ma'am's Diary

That was their last day in my class, after that they wd graduate to class 1.
So we decided to have fun. After the outdoor games we were back to the classroom. Sitting in a low chair, brought me to their level, in terms of having fun, I mean. After a story I asked them to sing any song they knew. The moment I said it could be a film song, Everyone
wanted to sing.
A lil girl sang: 'Har ghari badal rahi hai dhoop zindagi'….It was pin drop silence in the class of 20 children who were 5 yr olds.
She really sang well….The complete song. Applause. Every one had appreciating words and gestures for her which she truly deserved.
Then a boy sang the title song of 'Dhoom',with the background music. Which was hilarious and all of us had a good laugh.
In the meantime the bell rang. They said their prayer. Shouted ‘bye Ma’am’ and flew away to Class 1.


Anonymous said...

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Ashish said...

well. . if not technically but for all practical reasons me the first one :D

hey this was pretty moving :|
I rem 'graduating' to class I from KG and it was awesome!

smiles & love @that girl !!! u know wat .. .. u shud have taken a digicam/handcam to class for such a special event :)

deepakjeswal said...

wowwww, this is soooo sweet and lovely and special. I envy ur job for these brilliant moments ( though i m sure u wud be hvg tough times as well ;-))

Waise, ma'am, pls Bloggeratti pe vote zarur karna. Meri 8 nominations hai. May i request for the Fiction and best blog cat from u ? of course, any other vote from u wud be an icing on the cake.

Ha ha, kya karen, campaigning karne se aajkal baaz nahi aa raha main :-D

Ashish said...

hey di told you na watching chanakya these days.... those days TEACHERS (or archaryas as they were called) got such an extreme respect from the whole society that .. . .

very thot provoking.

the feeling makes me bow before you and all teachers!

vandy said...

@ Anon
Grr kit kit...:-(

Agreed u 1st. :-)
With cam they wd hv become concious.Next time I'll give it a try.

By the time my work becomes tuff.The bell rings for Chuttti. :-)
Deepak u need not to campaign at all. but good u reminded me to vote.BTW when's the last date?

@ Ashish
A teacher like Chanakya wd always command respect.I hv already started searching for the CDs.of this serial.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post :)..

It reminded me my shcool days also my first job as teacher...

I also used to have lots of fun with the students.. singing... dancing... playing... I wish if I can do all these once again :)

Your Job is really Great.. Most respectable Job in the World.

:) Silky Moon

Anonymous said...

Hey Ma'm Come and read my 55 stories.... Hope that you would like the "One".

:) Silky Moon

Ashish said...

feeling ashamed to know that U are searching for the CDs :-s

humphh :-<

deepakjeswal said...

Last date is tomorrow 27th september till the clock strikes 28th at 00:00 hrs :-D

Tarun said...

Har one of my favorite looks Ma'am having fun with cute little kids........

Manish said...

Well done Ma'am. It's obvious you are having quite a job satisfaction :-)

Graudating to anotehr class used to be fun, though we hardly felt importance of that fact :-)

vandy said...

Hi Tarun.
kids...anytime.they are such fun to be with.

Job satis....Not exactly but I think...enjoy whatever I'm doing:-)

answered ur comment on the previous post too.

red said...

:) it must be fun teaching kids.

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Anonymous said...

I came to read Ma'm up dated diary but it's not up dated yet :(...

:) Silky Moon

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Ashish said...


wats this didi?
so many dating ads on ur space #-o

vandy said...

haaaa ha good joke.

vandy said...

@ Silky Moon.
U too were a teacher.Thats great.
Update...okk m'am.

@red.Ya it surely is a fun.

ashley said...

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Drunk Glory Hole said...

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Zoya said...

Hi ! Very nice blog you have here. I'll be shortly putting you on my blog roll...I like what you write as well as the way you do. Came here from Deepak's blog. Glad I did. :)

vandy said...

hi Zoya.
Thanks.and Welcome here.

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

oh... so you take care of small kids?