Friday, September 16, 2005

Ek kahaani

She, a struggling writer.
He, a struggling singer.

They met through internet (IM).Shared their joys and woes. Consoled and encouraged each other.

KK_82: Lets meet tonight At ‘Ritz ‘ ( Where he worked as a singer.)

Ria_86: hmm.. ok

“My lovely sister pl impersonate me tonight.” She begged.
On the other side K also agrees his handsome friend to meet Ria as K.

Fear of rejection?

Ria’s bubbly sis and K’s fren enjoyed on the dance floor.
Ria and K talked abt music, books and poetry.

At night on chat they cdn’t resist and revealed their true identities.
It was an emotional moment for both of them. Was it love?

Morning they meet . Hug each other.
In the background is a huge poster of the film..HDDCS.


Watched this story on TV. All the four actors acted well.Now the question is
Would you like to meet ur Net buddy, in person?


red said...

never.vese very nice story:)

red said...

btw thanx a lot for writing a new post:)

vandy said...

never :-)
Thanks for writing NEW POST.....HA HA

Me said...

Yeah ...sure..I want to meet you ....

deepakjeswal said...

Well, this one seemed to hv some 'romantic' undertones, so cant really say if that is possible purely on 'net' meetings.

Now, if its just frenzship then, i hv met a lot of bloggers,who r net frenz only nothing major there for me ...

vandy said...

# Avik.

# DJ.
People hv met on net.fell in love then met in person and even got married. at least I know 2 of them.
I meant friendship only and you are really lucky to hv met such wonderful blog-Buddies.

Alka said...

Yes!If that turned out to be John Abraham!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

While reading... I remembered the TV serial that I saw. I think it is Star Bestseller Story. So here you said that at last.

I can't say about the love etc. but of course I want too meet personally. And you know that I have two friends which I made during my school and collage day's and they are my close friends today's date :).

I also know 1-2 story about Net love and marriage :). Even the penpals :)

Waise nice post to raise this question. And what about you?

:) Silky Moon

Tarun said...

Ya...why not? But I choose my friends or persons to meet...rule is same it doesn't matter if it's thru net or personnaly....Because we meet lots of people but very few turn out to be a friend....

Keshi said...

I agree with Tarun. If u r wut u r always and everywhere, then there should be no probs to meeta net-buddy in real.


Anonymous said...

wd reply all the commentson sunday.....tied up with some work

vandy said...


silky Moon.
Nice that u got TWO good frens through Net.
About me: SM Frankly speaking I wd not like to meet.No matter how much I respect or admire him\her.
Now don't ask why?... :-)

@ Keshi.
Even on net one can't hide one's true self for very long.We reveal so much about ourselves (knowingly or unknowingly) through ...whatever we write while communicating.
But I'm sure it wd be very interesting to meet one. :-)

Right sir! :-)

Manish said...

Star Best Sellers have put terrefic stories, many directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia - a pahari like you, though brought up in Allahabad :-)

I have met only of the friends - Deepak, though would like to meet many more, including you Vandy :-)

Manish said...

But personally I feel shy meeting Net friends...don't know why!

vandy said...

Hi Manish.
welcome back. :-)
As a child I lived in Alld for 5-6 yrs. One Dhulia family ws our fiend.Mr Dhulia ws a famouse lawyer in high-court.I don't know if he is from the same family.

Who knows we might hv met Knp or in Lko...:-)))

Camphor said...

Depends really...

See, if the person sems too good to be true - over IM / blog / whatever - why ruin that freindship, have your expectations dashed, by meeting them?
Some people you just don't instinctively trust. Those I would never meet.

As a rule, no I wouldn't meet net buddies. I'll make an exception for some of them, though...

vandy said...

I'll make an exception for some of them, though.....Phir to Camphor se milne ka chance hai..:-)

I wd love to meet them by chance..
not pre planned meeting sort of thing.somethng called Serendipity?
Take care.