Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Wheel of Time.

There were many things Ayush did for the first time during his school trip to Delhi. Playing  ‘Teen patti’ (flash) was one of them. With Rs 30/  he won 370 in one deal, and treated everyone with  boiled eggs on a thela. Other secrets I could not dig as he had a friend waiting on Skyp and then various tests he had to take in his coaching classes as well as in school."Bahut mauj kaati", (enjoyed a lot) he said in the local lingo and left me unpacking his soiled clothes. I could relate to every moment he was going through.

The wheel of time seemed to stare at me saying, "See how fast I move."

It does seem long back when after returning from Allahabad, State level games our frends came back to college and three of them had the same expression on their faces.They blurted to each other,'You also know?" Then began a live show by three stand-up comedians at the basket ball floor of MKP College.. Laughter was already in the air.

In their basket ball team some of the girls were from other schools. In the train a mind-blowing session of  songs and dance  was  a ritual .Suitcses used to be one of the main musical instruments.I wonder if RD Burman knew abt it, as he has used desks in one of the songs in Kitaab. Very late at night,in the Link Express,when the orchestra died down, girls went to their berths and boys went to the seperate compartment.

When everyone went into deep slumber,a boy entered and came to a girl. The girl ws nervous.But the boy told her tht all ws well.She whispered the names of all the three girls who, had berths around her.Assured of their privacy they must hv carried on..It must have been difficult for the 3 kids to supress their giggles.I wonder if they pulled her leg when they met her in some other tournament.

MKP was known for its hap and bold girls who had come from different elite and other schools of Dehrdun.The uniform was all white,shalwar-kurta and dupatta.A famous one liner goes like this: seeing them in all white a boy said,
"MKP ki saari lardkiyaan vidhwa ho gayi hai'
Immediately came the answer, "Haan DAV ke saare lardke mar jo gaye hain"

Once we were standing in a circle and talking to our games teacher in the winter sun.Suddenly we spotted a man near a small gate which opened to  a lane.The lane was called love-lane. Not many students used it. A pervert was standing and making obscene gestures. It was quite a distance otherwise one of us would have hit him with a real big stone.We were seething with rage.A girl shouted "tod ke haath main rakh do", eveyone looked at her, then she completed her sentence....:iske daant".(Break his teeth and put it in his hand)
Without deciding anything, they just ran behind him.One of them, a tall Sikh girl  had a hockey stick with her.They chased him till the market but in the crowd he could escape.They came back without thrashing him.But no such incidence was repeated there.

Thinking about my college days and trips, I asked Ayush, "Who won the maximum money in Teen Patti?"
"Arundhati", she won Rs 700/.