Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Of vacation

There were so many dream destinations in my list before my summer break began. Gomukh (source of river ganga,) was on the top of my list. But May be I was destined to go to Ansuya devi temple, (2000 mt altitude) The goddess Ansuya is believed to bless her devotees with children. I know few ppl who believe that they had lil ones only after praying here. One of them was with me with her cute lil 3 yr old. May Ansuya
Devi bless all those who are willing to hv lil ones.
Mandal is 2 hours ride from Chamoli ,(Uttranchal) from where we started our trek .
It took us less than 3 hrs to cover 5 km to reach the temple. Horses were available but I was too scared to ride one .

Our group had few Russian tourists, only the interpreter cd speak English .and others cd utter only few words when I mentioned Raj kapoor and Mera naam Joker.

After darshan we had our lunch . Were we tired? No! So we further walked one more km for a grand waterfall and a cave where Atri Rishi (Ansuya Devi’s husband) used to pray.

To reach very near to the waterfall one has to cross a narrow path and at one point one rock is blocking the way so one has to lie down and crawl. The passage is around 5 ft broad but a slip and u r down many feet into the water. I was scared but I did it.I’ve yet to get my pic which a friend had clicked from the other side of the waterfall ! quite a distance.

Came back to the temple and then five km trek back. Now I tried horse riding just to experience .Oh boy! Down hill it was scary and painful too.

Now my question,What did u do during the summer break. U too must hv had one 


red said...

nice summer break!i was enjoying the hot weather in india:) btw how r u?

vandy said...

hi red.
u were in India?
I'm fine yaar.

Deepak Jeswal said...

Wowwwww! This sounds so good and cool. I love mountains, and any place associated with it. Till now I havent made much aquaintance with Uttranchal - but hv heard a lot about its religious and adventure tourism.

Well, I hv hd a one-and-a-half year long summer break on a holiday destination (Kathmandu) :P so this summers i was home, in delhi, in the heat :D

BTW, ur comments on my blog hv been retrieved. They inadvertantly went into spam.

vandy said...

Hi Deepak.
Uttranchal has so much to offer...
Kathmandu trip :-) I agree.

Delhi heat is bearable if mom is there to cook and pamper..

Alka said...

How does it feels, when it is disclosed, thousands of years ago, someone was there, praying, walking, meditating....and you are standing there, though the era and person both are gone.

Manish said...

What summer break, Vandy! Only the Kamar break! :-)

Nice trip to the mountains. You are a mountain girl. Right they said - one can leave the mountains, but mountain can not leave you :-)

I guess Devi Ansuya is different from Sati Ansuya whose movie I had seen ages back in Doordarshan.

There was a song too -
Sati Anusya Ji Ne Daal Diyo Paalna,
Teeno Lok Jhool Rahey Banke Laalna

vandy said...

Hi Alka,
it really felt great .
I was told Ansuya Devi was very beautiful and a devoted wife.There it seemed that they did not live thousands of yrs ago but just a few decades back...

I keep visiting ur blog..

@ Manish.
kamar break.....:-))
I think they r different.
Song is sooo nice.:-)

Manish said...

Now that you have mentioned she was a devoted wife, I am sure she is the same because whoe crux of the movie was devotion towards her husband.

So much so that story of her devotion reached to Swarg, where Goddess Laxmi, Parvati. amd Sarawasti felt jealous of her so much so that they asked their husbands go and take her Pariksha.

So Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh went in the shape of Sadhus to ask food from her, but they had put a very diabolic condtion before her - that they would accept food only when she would be serving with no clothes!!

As it happens, she understood the whole story and with her powers she converted the trio into infants so that there would be no Sharam while feeding them naked.

Then she fed them with milk. Hence this song -

Sati Anusya Ji Ne Daal Diyo Paalna,
Teeno Lok(Gods) Jhool Rahey Banke Laalna!

Later, all three wives had to beg before to reconvert their husband to men.

Katha Samapt Hui :-)

vandy said...

I also heard the same story out there.

Nice katha indeed!

Mehak said...

hey vandy...mujhe ghar jaana hai...doon jaana hai :(

more pics plssssss

vandy said...

Hi Mehak.

Tarun said...

Hey Vendy, having fun cool. There is so many places to do trekking, I know how much fun you must had in this trip but next time try kedarnath (approx. 12-14 km) trek, I am sure u will enjoy.

vandy said...

yes Tarun I enjoyed thoroughly.Kedarnath... I wish...let's see :-)