Saturday, August 14, 2004

Gandhi by Attenbarough

We watched'Gandhi' on Doordarshan on every 2nd Oct and 15th Aug.
Bur DD doesn't show it any more. I want my daughter to watch this movie,
who is a huge fan of Baapu,Thanks to her history teacher.
After watching Bhagat Singh(ajay Devgan) she was a bit annoyed with baapu though...
Our CD guy doesn't have this and I don't know where to get this CD from


abhaya said...

well if u really want it, I might be able to get it for u. Will check it out and let u know.

vandy said...

TIA Abhay.

Manish said...

Get her the "Hind Swaraj" from Mahatma Gandhi. She might get a trifle more annoyed :-)

vandy said...


Is it a book by Mahatma Gandhi ??

Manish said...

Yes it is a book by Mahatma Gandhi written in conversational form. Basically it was written when he was in South Africa.

In the book a journalist is interviewing Mahatma Gandhi asking his opinion on various topics. The whole book one to one talking. Some of his ideas really seem to be absurd.

vandy said...
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vandy said...

I really feel bad for his children and wife.He tested all his eccentric and vague ideas on them.

Manish said...

Exactly Vandy. He really tested some of the weirdest ideas on his family. The hind swaraj talks about many such ideas.

Recalling one of those incidents, once his son was running very high fever in SA.

He used to think Doctors are evil because the cure people of their ailments which are acquired due to bad habits. So according to him, doctors in a way are giving support to bad habits. If doctors don't treat people, they would shun bad habits like overeating.

So he refused take treat his son to a doc. All the pleadings of his wife and friends fell on deaf ears. His landlord was an English and a doctor. Mahatma Gabdhi didn't alow even him treat. Landlord said he won't allow the child to die in his premises and asked him to leave the house.

Meanwhile Mahatma Gandhi tried some naturopathy like clay etc on his son.

Luckily after some time poor child's fever susbsided. Unfortunately, this further strengthened his belief that doctors are bad and naturopathy is good.

There are more such thoughts like trains are bad, lawyesr are bad, though he himself was one.

It's an eye opener.

vandy said...

Trains are bad....ha ha This one I didn't know.

Many such incidents he has mentioned in his autobigraphy.And he his very proud of his belief.

Manish said...

He said trains are bad because they "encourage" drought.

Do some puzzle solving because this one is a brain teaser. I will let you know the reason he gave tomorrow, if you couldnt guess ;-)

vandy said...

Given up.
Even Google failed.
But I had a good laugh.

Manish said...

Sorry for me being so wicked and keep you waiting :-)

Here is the reason why, accroding to him, trains encourage a drought or femine like situation.

It all happens due to wily traders and buisnessmen. Inorder to fetch the better price for the grains, these guys transfer the food grains from one place to another.

Now this creates a drought like situation on the place from where the grains are shifted to other places.

Had there been no trains, this won't have happened. Therefore, the trains are bad :-)

Do catch up with a glass of cold water, after you have finished with your laugh :-)

vandy said...

:-) :-)) :-)))
what imagination, I thot u'd say that for making railway line they cut trees and etc etc.

My blog in ur blog roll list...Thanks

Manish said...

Imagination indeed.

India needed exactly this kind of stubborn and weird person to get under the skin of the firangs. He did that successfully and chucked them out. We owe him that.

Though I shiver at the thought of being his family member. One of his sons disowned him, citing the fact that he might be the father of whole nation, he never was a good father to his children.

He tried many more weird experiments which unfortunately I can't share in public, not least with a lady :-) They can only be read in 'Freedom At Midnight', if you haven't already done that.

Adding your Blog link was not a big deal :-)

vandy said...

I shiver at the thought of being his family member..
Ha ha .
I must read "Freedom at Midnight" For a good laugh...I mean.

Manish said...

Good laugh it will be, especially those juicy stories about our princely states and there rulers. The book is complete masala entertainer fro an Indian.