Thursday, August 19, 2004

5 point someone

finished reading five point someone. .
It would have been a difficult task for the author to pen it down.
So many experiences at that time of one’s life, subtle & vivid memories
Ups and downs , so much to assemble in one book seems improbable.
An IITen can judge the book better.

Overall a good book. Outsiders always think : Tension and pressure in IIT


Anonymous said...

Hey if u want to check chetan bhagat has a blog which he updates frequently and the url is :

--- bye Meethi dhoop

and thankx for dropping by my blog.

vandy said...

I'd visited his blog through yours.

Thaughts Unlimited said...

5 point something.. next reading on my list.. already got the book:) ..nice place u got here!!

vandy said...

Happy reading...