Saturday, January 30, 2016

A part of Me

Sketch by "Puuung"-A korean artist
Blame it on my age
Or greying hair,
Dear Puuung,
Our thoughts are nowhere near.

Love, may be hugging her from behind in the kitchen,
But she found it on the dining table
back from work, when food was already cooked.

Love is covering your partner up with a blanket, agree.
But he felt it when she left his cozy bed to go to another room to read ,
so that he could sleep with lights off.

Falling asleep together is a bliss they know,
But she loved him most when he chose to 
get up and check the door.

Watching TV together is great,
When she let's him watch his fav sitcom
and misses her Wimbledon match.

There are many incidences 
which win her heart,
like when he warns her, still she makes mistakes.
And lets her come back in his arms.

Love shows you strange things,
The highest form of love for him is
when he feels the same warmth of his mother's lap
In his partner's embrace.

When back, knee and migraine do not let you sleep.
Depressing diseases come into the scene 
And your partner sleeps only 
After you are asleep.

Please don't get offended
When I mention,
He lets her burp
and she lets him fart!

The four letters look to me so naive
When I see grandma quietly crying.
Hugging grandpa's suit and tie,
'Where the part of me  went flying? '

Loved your sketches of
emotions and hugs.
And wish you all about love
what I have learnt.

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