Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mastani's Leela !

I entered the multiplex after a long time. My last was Lunchbox. Thanks to the kind persuasion by a lovely cousin.
No matter how much Bhansali and Deepika tried, but Mastani couldn’t earn my sympathy. It’s not the insecure wife (Kashi) in me is saying this, but the modern day lovers (Ila/Mr Fernandes of Lunchbox) .
Mastani for me is selfish, infatuated teenager/young girl who only added troubles to the protagonist’s life, disturbed a happy family and ultimately became the reason of his death. Poor guy didn’t even know that she is also transported with the other gifts to him.
I belong to the old school of Hindi movies. I’m sure the team of Bimal Roy, Nutun and Ashok Kumar would have convinced me even without the gigantic sets n computerized effects. Oh! why did I think of ‘Bandini’ now? Not a fair comparison. For me if I have to define love that would be Kalyani's in Bandini’.

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