Monday, June 04, 2012

I'm Shivani's Mother

Firstly let me announce that I’m am very proud of my daughter’s writing skills. if she had tried she cd hv utilized her time fruitfully.After reading  this,  Hi! I'm Shivani, And Here's My Story post I wonder why is she so bitter? Where she blames me and her dad for not giving her opportunity to do well in life.She has not changed a bit in all these years.My little one...

* You went to the best co-ed school of the city with ur bro while ppl of our income group conveniently sent the daughters to govt schools and male children went to ‘English Medium Schools . Ask Ghosh abt this practice in North India.I wanted the best for my princess.


How correct were we! 26 is quite a ripe age for marriage back then . Even today if a girl is doing a professional course or pursuing her career seriously then only parents wait after 26 ,otherwise who wants a spinster at home doing nothing .

“ I had to take permission then and I have to take permission now.”
   -Did we ever say NO to any of ur genuine demand?

Did you take Sameer’s permission before getting influenced by Mr.Ghosh?

or before discussing orgasm in public.Not that he doesn’t know but matured enough to overlook or laugh off.. Full marks to him.

I wonder if six years back Manish knew a married woman who was nice and all that and they had sex in the corner of their minds, how you  would  have reacted?

"At 40 I still look young"

@40 most of the women are looking young now, thanks to the way husbands are pampering them.An abusive and irritating husband's wife,who has to work hard to earn money, doesn't look young.Compare urself with Sonia Dara,u'd know what is like sending them run for their money.

"Your Desires"
To hell with your desires .u were not married at 16 .Who told you not to paint and write? but imagine yourself as a queen and just wait 4 ur prince? Some of your peers are doing very well professionally.

About feeling sexy and all that..

No harm in feeling sexy and watching scantily clad Zeenat Amaan but not just before your exams when we were expecting you to focus on your career.And when did we stop u from watching Sholay? No parents who cd afford, were so cruel that they had not shown their kids, Sholay and Jai santoshi maa in theatres.:-)

Make up for the lost years

I am really curious to know that what exactly you want to do with ur life to make up for the lost years.If u r truly happy who would be happier than me,Beta.

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