Sunday, June 03, 2012

If a Spark Flares Up


                                        Anand Bakshi -(1920-2002)

Suddenly there was  pin drop silence when a fellow participant casually  sang a song at the get-together on the last day of the workshop I was a attending. The song was a hymn, a chant, an anthem for every hindi speaking soul. Chingari koi Bharke.
If a spark flares up then the rains might extinguish it but if the rains light the fire,who can put it out?

I couple of decades ago this song meant  Rajesh Khanna to me. After a few years Kishore kumar came into the picture and then Anand Bakshi the lyricist and finally RD Burman,the music composer. I wonder who all I'm missing behind this wonderful composition.

After the applauds died down my eyes met a lovely lady's who sat next to me. We smiled appreciating the song and the singer. Very gently she said, roughly translated, 
 "Sometimes I think, what our lives would have been without some of these songs? It wouldn't have been the same I'm sure."
I couldn't agree more.
Know him more.


Ekta said...

Truly some magic in 'those' songs.....listen n number of times n never be bored.

vandy said...

Magic indeed!

Something for you Ekta from Doon.
'Street musician from Dehra'.

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