Saturday, July 05, 2008


Last week I visited Mumbai for the first time.The city looked like a film which I've already seen,as all the places,roads and their names looked so familiar.Thanks to our hindi films.

Though beaches disappointed me but I loved the promenades.

I saw 'Mannat'and 'Jalsa' but I couldn't resist taking a photograph when I was told that this building belongs to our very own Lata Mangeshkar.



Deepak Jeswal said...

Hey Ram! You came to Bombay aur bataya bhi nahi?? You should have called me up/ written to me!! Bahut hi galat baat hai yeh!

And aaah! Prabhukunj! Pass it by so often :) BTW, i don't think the whole building is owned by her. The Mangeshkars have some 3-4 flats in it.

vandy said...

Hi deepak
I was constantly thinking of u and other dear bloggers from mumbai while
I ws there.

Manish said...

Well, you could have also thought about some Pune bloggers too :-(

But I remember, you had once mentioned that you don't wan't meet fellow bloggers :-) I won't ask why because you asked not to ask :-)

vandy said...

Hii manish
long time...
arre I meant 'the Pune blogger' too. :-)
Seriously ..Very few though but my blog friends are as a part of my psyche as my other friends.

Abt meeting them, I want to meet tem by chance and not the planned meeting something like..Serendipity:-)

and If not in all these years then we'll surely meet at ur 'Silver Jublee Alumni meet'.What say? Will I be around here? let me count..

Manish said...

Not sure Vandy, if I will be around then. I am not keeping well these days :-(

Anonymous said...

Paagal ho kya??
Jus shut up!

tanvi said...

hay people ,vandy is speakin the truth,as she truly missed u all in she told me n her sis a lot about her blogger world.