Tuesday, June 17, 2008


While browsing the net I landed here and got to read the post titled PP which instantly brought a smile on my lips.

During pre PCO days pp i.e.neighbour's phone  (PADOSI KA PHONE) was the source of many good/bad news from relatives and friends . I don’t remember any phone -owner getting disturbed or feeling  irritated when he had to call his neighbours to receive their phone calls. But those were the days when we had the neighbours in the true sense of the word.

Now let me tell the reason to smile:
During mid 80ies, we lived in Pauri Garhwal. The place we lived at was away from the city.We had to climb down quite a distance to reach the school and then climb up the same distance to get back to the ‘Officers' Colony’ which had only five houses. There was one more house which belonged to an Engineer of Jal sansthaan (‘waterworks’).

In those five houses, for a few months,only we had a Phone. Our engineer friend got this facility later but for some time Srivastava uncle had to depend on our phone for his official calls, which were quite frequent as the nature of his job required it. To call him we had to walk down quite a bit. So we had a‘who will go’ look on our faces whenever he got a call. Still it was fine with us.

One winter afternoon we were startled by a sound of a pebble hitting our tin roof. We came out to check who did it!! We looked up(the motor road) and saw our very jovial Shah uncle who was the SP (suptd.of Police) ,a busy person. He said (loudly) that he was passing by and just wanted to say hello but didn’t have the time to climb down (to reach our house).

After that day we just had to throw a pebble on the tin roof of the person we had to call.

Anyone who heard or saw us doing that had a good laugh.


Anonymous said...

I read the post here:

tanvi said...

vandy i just can't stop smiling after reading the post.i often wonder why people run away from there innocent essence which is the best ingradient to enrich one's life. its really inspiring to know that people like u ,squeez out the best,most innocent n beautiful that life brings our way.In God's game of life u are indeed one of his best players.

Arushi said...
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vandy said...

Hi Tanvi
welcome here.

Anonymous said...


he he he

It's a good way to call someone indeed.

BTW I didn't know that terms of the PP until today :-O


Mridula said...

Hi Vandy,

Enjoyed your post and linked to it at Blogbharti. Have a look-


Blue Bike said...

In the 80's and early 90's when we were kids, phone connections used to take years to materialize. We didn't have a phone yet and my dad used to get a lot of phone calls, so we purchased a Remote controlled bell and gave it to the neighbour, so whenever we had an incoming call, all he had to do was to press a button.

vandy said...

Hi Mridula

Thanks.Didn't know abt the blogbharti.

The world is such a small place.During my recent trip to Badrinath I mentioned ur wonderful blog to the friends I was traveling with. And they said they know u and ur hubby ..personally though they don't visit the blog.(not net savvy.) sweet na..

vandy said...

@ Blue bike.
Remote control..great idea.

Manish said...

I am still grinning ear-to-ear.

In our colony in Lko, only one (sikh) family had telephone because they were upper middle class, and rest were lower middle class.

In fact, theirs was the family who had the "first" so called luxuries in their house in our locality. First TV, first refridgerator, first calbe tv etc etc.

Just that they were not so humble about it.

I also remember one thing. As if having Telephone was not prestigious enough, having STD connection was even more prestigious.

Later, thanks to the then Telecom Cabinet minister Beni Prasad Verma - PCO and telephone connections spawned like mushrooms :-)

vandy said...

@ manish
I think Sam Pitrod is the person(or one of the ppl) behind this telecom,
revolution(specially STD) in our country.

Manish said...

Yes, Vandy.

I just was sarcasitc about the our Cabinter Minister who reaped the benefits of the credit taking:-)

You must be knowing that the first ever STD call in India was made from Kanpur to Lucknow.

Anonymous said...


Kanpur to Lucknow.Arre wah! I didn't know.

Ashish Gupta said...

Laddha's blog?!?! that too with links (in comments) from other frnds--thanks didi!

Let me get in touch with the fuker! was my batchmate in IITB.

Anonymous said...

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