Monday, July 04, 2005

Just like that

Kabhi Subah se sulah,
Kabhi Shaam se Samjhuata.
Ek Naakaam si husrat,
ye hota gar yun hota.


Male chauvanist:

Hubby: They should write 'L' on the car as she still does not look confident.
My lil one: No they should write LL.
Hbby: Why double L?
Sonny: Lady is Learning...


Anonymous said...

me First :D

Beautiful lines! Life is like that :)

And joke it awesome. Liked it :D :D


vandy said...

Thanks Rhicha.
Left a comment on ur 'Suman' Post.

Anonymous said...

hello di,

watz up? it was soo tiring to see that "tagged" post every day! heres a new post- how refreshing!!! and in the light mood :)

and the joke is so genuine, so true! in fact this shud be made a traffic rule! LL for ladies :| ....have been hit more than once by those (&*@)#&$) learning ladies :(

Jokes n shayaari apart, I'm already waiting for a new post from you :D i mean something original!

and hope u are njoing the rains :>

Anonymous said...

Yes I read that :). Thank you very much :D

Hey I have posted Rahim Ke Dohe. Come and read :)


Deepak Jeswal said...

LOL, the joke was good, and err...a bit true ... hv been hit/nearly hit by these 'ladies in learning'... the worst part is one cannot get out and scream at them also. I hv also seen my sis driving :P

Nice lines there...

BTW, new post(s) up at my blog!

vandy said...

Hello Bro.
Long time...
Joke and Shayari....both are original :-)
Enjoying the rain ...yes very much :-)

Hi Rhicha. Waiting for more such posts.
Hi Deepak
Shukriya !!
The joke was straight from my family members and no points for guessing that who was the lady in question. :-0

Anonymous said...

hi vandy, those lines are so true.and joke is to the point...kaisi chal rahi hai learning oops

Manish said...

Ha ha ha- Why don't you send these one liners from your son to Reader's Digest. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy those were originals kya ??????????? wow! that was some kickass thing! gaping like anything - dumbstuck.... you are good at it yaar :) I am envious :(( why I end up messing if I sit to write :-s

hey di that was awesome... pls pls pls I want more of it! I know u have written such orig. stuff previouslly too :D plss share karo na ;;)

long time no see nahi =)) I was here a few times everyday whole summers but just like that never left a comment!

Hey di please ek post karo na on how u are enjoying the rains?? plsssssssssss I'll treat u for this if u'd ever come to b'bay :>
[am I giving myself away :-?]

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for reading my post with such interest.

Now there is another post. Fun do Yani Fanda. Blogs Fanda.

Yours too :)


Anonymous said...

hahahaha!!! good one. keep transfering your son's jokes,and happy car learning!

vandy said...

Learning ....Theek chal rahi hai...:-)

Reader's Digest main...will try :-)

Hay brother...will try...surely.
Net and landline phones were dead for 3 days ...thanks to heavy rains out here :-(


Anonimous.....OK whats there in the name?? Right u r :-)
Never ask a mom abt her lil one...she won't stop :-)
OK this is latest from him. One of my cologues told me abt it.She went to her class for substitution.

She: What wd u like to do when u grow up?
Sonny: mmm.... A scientist.A planetory scientist.
She: Then u must be knowing abt NASA. can u tell me what does it stand for?
Sonny: mmmm.. "North America South America !!

Manish said...

Haa, loved that definition of NASA. Some of our Aerospace Profs would faint hearing that :-)

Alka said...

Short, witty and sweet. :-)

Anonymous said...

madam,its time to likhofy something

Ricky2Vandy said...

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Anonymous said...

"Happy Guru Purnima" Wishing you Ma'm. You had used your pen once but it was not red :)

~ :) It's from Me :)

deepakjeswal said...

Time for a new post ...

... and time to read my story INDEPENDENCE DAY :D

vandy said...

@Manish :-)
@Alka . Loved ur post on "Teaching profession.
@red. sure.coming straight from ur blog after commenting.
@Ricky. Good publicity for a good cause :-)

Happy Gurupurnima to u too.
Who is this anon....I'm unable to guess.Any clues??Pl someone help me.:-) :-) :-)

vandy said...
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Anonymous said...

hiiii di!!
hows life?
& rains? enjoying?
& kiddo?
keep smiling!
hugs >:D<

Time for a new post.

vandy said...

Hi Bro

Bahut buri kavitaa?? :-)

Betu is fine with his own world of 'BayBlade'(cartoon) and Tintin.

:-) Sure.

New post..Home, Children, Job,shopping and this humid weather.Blogging takes the back seat. Still will try.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi vandy
This is hem calling.Welcome to my blog and yours sounds quite too is into teaching and me too has a lil one..khub jamegi hamari dosti!!!

Anonymous said...

Silky Moon already has started her journey. Plz accompany her ---

:) :) :).

Regarding your question about the wishes.... just visit my page and find out :)

vandy said...

Hi Hem.
Welcome here.
We hv one more thing in common....Doon :-)

vandy said...

@Silky Moon
Given Link is not working at all.Please leave the correct link.I'm eager to be there.
Take care.

Anonymous said...
:) Silky Moon

Anonymous said...

Ma'm I'm waiting you to come and use your red pen in my poem :)

:) Silky Moon

Ashish Gupta said...

hey di wat are u upto these days ??
its soon gonna be 1 month....

have u divorced ur blog or wat :P

and I asked u something about rains- anything special these rains? enjoying ir or just sitting indoors :-/ kab likhogi barish ke baarein mein ? I am not gonna wait till rains get over haan! plssssssssss jaldi se likho, kuch to likho!! we are all waiting for you...

{and u've been blogrolled! hope u wouldn't mind paying me a visit!}

Ashish Gupta said...

shit :O

Shud have told before na. Kya kar rahi thi? I am afraid deliberately going out without umbrella in rains as hard as 23rd july mumbai rains like me :P

hey pls get well soon, we all pray for your rapid recovery! get going quickly lady!
lotsa warm hugs >:D<

Anonymous said...

Okji, august aa gaya, ab toh naya post daal do!

Also, u hv a promise to keep. The story is over waiting ur comments.


Tarun said...

is this lady learning something? short and sweet

Ashish Gupta said...

its ok. anytime.
re-subscribed again!
can do urself from just above my blogroll in right margin :)

take care n have some warm, cosy days (me getting only wet, hurried days in mumbai rains:( )

Anonymous said...

Hey Maa'm Came and read a small write up. But come with Red Pen :P.

Silky Moon

Anonymous said...

"Happy Friendship Day" :) :D

Where are you Ma'm?

It's time up updating....

:) Silky Moon

vandy said...

Happy Friendship Day Rhicha :-)