Thursday, June 16, 2005


I'm one of those who read many books (2 to 3) simultaneously. I could not finish many books which I started with great inthusiasm because of one reason or another.e.g: I'd hardly read 100 pgs of 'Anna Karenina'and it appeared on Star Movies, after watching the movie I lost the interest.
Thick books are not my cup of tea.May be because I'm a slow reader and I started reading very late in life.Better late....
My fav books are the collection of stories preferably real-life or Autobiographical.
Lookig at my reading habits and back ground I will not be able to offer very interesting answers and very famous names from the world of books.(Blame Manish for it he only Tagged me :-)

1.Total number of books I own : Hmmm… 20

2.The last book I bot : ‘Living History’ By Hillery Clinton.
Krishnkali By Shivani.

3.The last book I read :

'The India I love' By Ruskin Bond.

Ek thi Ramratti By Shivani.

4.Five Books that mean a lot to me: ( not exactly mean a lot but enjoyed reading it)

1. Love story By Erich Segal The only book which made me cry.

2. My India By Khushwant Singh: Anything written by KS in his those small Articles. .

3. ‘ Chicken soup for soul’ and other books of the series.

4. The India I love :
I could recognise the buildings and roads and lanes Described in book by RB

5. RK Narayan’s Books

6. PG Woodehouse : Hubby’s Fav

5. Tag 5 people
The ppl I know hv already being Tagged. So let me Tag any 5 ppl from out side blog-world.

1.Kajol: In her off screen pics she is always seen with a book.And she wants to own a book store one day.
2.APJ Abdul Kalaam.
3.hmm… someone complete the list pleeeese.


Manish said...

Hmmm....Good Choices! But, hey, that's a nice idea of tagging! Mr Kalam's choices would be interesting!

Anonymous said...

yahn pe bhi taggie game chal rahi hai:)

Anonymous said...

So you have taken it. I also accepted it today :). I'm also the same kind of at one time 2-3 books take to read. You know I've been reading the book The Fountain Head by Rand for more than last two years but not finished yet. There are few other books - Salman Rushdie's East West, Reading Lotita in Tehran by Azar Nafisa etc. still to finish.

And have to read the Chicken soup series too :(

You have tagged very interesting people. I would like to suggest you to tag to Bajpeyee, Gulzar and Maybe Big B and of course Lata ji :D :)


vandy said...

I left a joke in ur comment box...did u read it?
This book tag is better than other tags. What say?

:-) Join the club dear. Fountainhead is increasing the beauty of my bookshelf also for years.One day I'll definetely finish reading the book!!

"Chicken soup for Writer's soul"is really good.

Thanks for completing the list with equally interesting ppl.

Deepak Jeswal said...

Good to hear about your choices, though they do not overlap with mine ( just taken the quiz on my blog ).

Yes, Kajol is a voracious reader, and has often been quoted to say so during her interviews also. In fact Filmfare did carry a small piece once on the books she likes; she has a wide and eclectic choice including Mills and Boons and the classics.

Tarun said...

Vandy, thanks for stopping by. Yes I am Pahari. It seems u too caught by this tag thing....

vandy said...

Hi Deepak.
One more person I wanted to Tag is Dhoop.Shall I count him amongst Kajol and Kalaam,i mean ppl who don't blog? :-)

vandy said...

Hi Tarun.
Nice to see u here.Me a pahari from Doon. :-)

Manish said...

Oh yes, I missed out commenting that joke ! It was a compliment on Mayawati :-)

kaush said...

thanks for the bday wishes vandy! and you too from Doon..sab log doon se bahot hai..i gotta visit that place now! aur ek aur taggie game..yeh blogsville main naya craze hao jee..and i m just glad to find tht so many of us are voracious readers and have a good collection too..waise Love Story was also the only book that ever made me cry. theonly that got near was The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. :)

vandy said...

Hi Kaush.
After this Tag thing I'm motivated to read more.Life is too short to read sooo many good books and shorter for the slow readers like me :-)

Tarun said...

Doon!, I have been there couple of times to visit family and friends in my college days.

Tarun said...

hey check my latest u have any questions for them?

mehak said...

hi here after a real long time..n as always was a pleasure reading all the posts i missed...

vandy said...

Hi Mehak
Yes long time....
hope my congrats reached u via Taran's blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Still Book Taggie is going on!!! Please update. I have posted something in Hindi. Please read and post your valuable comment with suggestions :)


Anonymous said...

ma'am, to post