Wednesday, May 18, 2005


It is a five minutes drive from my colony gate to my work place.I take auto (vikram, an eight seater)whenever I miss my school bus,which I often do!
That day I boarded a Vikram,a less crowded one. The music was on which was not very loud, It was a sufi-Kawwali.It had words like 'Murshad' 'Sazada' etc

As soon as I started enjoying it I reached my destination . While giving money to the driver I told him "Cassette achha hai"(Cassette is very good)
He nodded and smiled.His taste and his manners made those five miutes so plesant for me and that was a good start of the day.

On the other hand sometimes we meet educated and sophisticated ppl and a look or a comment from them is enough to spoil the day.


Anonymous said...

hi Di,

I have made a big poster and struck in my room in front of my bed reading thus,

Tons of smiles every day,
keeps all my troubles at bay;
It surely pleases everyone and
keeps my mood happy and gay!

I think there is nothing as good as a smile or a hi or a goodday note from a stranger to elevate our mood. [I try saying that sometimes to strangers on buses:D and guess wat, they are amused n surprised and girls frown at me :P]

oh and about the last part I would say that 'I WAS BORN INTELLIGENT BUT EDUCATION RUINED ME'

hence sending you loads of hugs n smiles

vandy said...

Hi lil bro,
Long time...

Nice lines :-)
Hi and smile to a stranger is not really common in India unless u r an air hostess :-)

Good quote..
How is Pankhuri?

Bye and take care.

Manish said...

But Air Hostess smiles are the fake ones.

Actually, that Tempo driver must have also felt the same way you did. Hardly anybody compliments them. So when you did that, he returned the compliment.

This reminds me of the sweeper incident in Munna Bhai MBBS.

vandy said...

HIi Manish.
Reached here from your blog :-)
Munna bhai ...was too good.

Anonymous said...

What a prompt reply di !!!
didn't gave air-hostesses a thot, donno if thats fake smile or they genuinely wish 'bon voyage' to the travellers (i'll bet on the later!).

Pankhuri is doing great! still doesn't sit but rolls around :D Is amusingly 'talkative'- well just listens but very intently!
its heartening to know u rem her :)

came across these lines in fwd. mails or on net, thought will share with all ur readers:

Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a tough battle too.

Don't frown. You never know who is falling in love with your smile.

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.

I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.

A friendly look,
a kindly smile,
one good act, and
life's worthwhile.

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

You're never fully dressed without a smile.

bye di


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vandy said...

@ DJ
'Sorry' and 'intruding' pl Deepak don't be so formal:-)
But this blog was already there. I visited it before.

Lyrics from 'Black cat' is soooo good.Never heard this song.But it reminds me that song 'kitni akeli...kitni tanha si
lagi unse milne ke baad'

Good work sir !

Akruti said...

Verywell said,sometimes we feel good when we meet someone who sure knows how to be polite and well mannered to us and same from us too.U said u liked the songs,and it must have made him so happy:) and as already said "i was born intelligent but education ruined me" cheers

Anonymous said...

These chhoti chhoti baatein in bade bade shahar make the days go on in optimism. Often, I think the filmwalahs mistake the 'kind of music these B/C class centers will like' judgement. Some of them make intelligent choices.

And thanks for visiting my other blog. True it was there before, par maine formal inauguration nahin kiya tha since I wanted to get the template right!

Deepak Jeswal

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Yes, sometimes a small things make us happy and make our days.

Yes, Manish is right. The Tempo Driver also must have felt the same way :).

It is said, what you give, you get back. If you give smiles you will get smiles…… Yehi to Duniyan kee reet hai….


vandy said...

Hi Akruti
welcome here.
Being at ur and friend's (Memoir)
blog. :-)
I hv yet to meet any of my blog friend :-(

vandy said...

Hi Deepak,
Most of these filmwalahs and lyric writers are originally from these B/C centres only...

Duniya ki reet to bari ajeeb hai' Don't always get what we give/expect...

Just coming from ur blog .lovely pics out there