Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Laugh - 2

I don't see Shekhar Suman's show on TV now a days. And dare I mention Sajid Khan,... Manish and DJ will remove my blog from their 'Fav List'.

Yesterday I realised that I didn't have a hearty laugh for looong,before I sat with my lil ones and watched "Taakeshi's Castle" on POGO.Its a Japanese game show and commentry is dubbed by Javed Jaffery :-)

Life has become so monotonous.Same routine...I brooded ! MONOTONY reminds me of Ajit the LOIN.
One of the famous Ajit Jokes goes like this:

Ajit: Raabert ye Mona aur tony ki jodi ko tor do!!
Robert: Kyon sarkaar???
Ajit: Bahut monotony ho rahi hai!!!

one more:

Robert: Sarkaar Michael ka kya kare?
Ajit : Isse liquid oxygen me daal do!
Robert : ????
Ajit : Liquid isse jeene nahi dega ....aur oxygen isse marne nahi dega

Shall I pray 'God give me my daily bread and daily laugh too'.


Manish said...

These are good jokes, but don't worry, you are on my permanent favourite list. Just that keep writing frequent enough :-)

Shekhar Suman show doesn't comes anymore. He his diversifying. Or probably they have changed timings.

Manish said...

Oh I forgot to mention. I had put up a post, although an excerpt of a borrowed poem.

When you visit my page, and don't see the post, just press the REFRESH button.

Anonymous said...

Nice jokes. Heard first time :).

And DJ and Manish do that ???? !!! I must also keep in this my mind before to post any post they do not like.

I like SS presentation. But have not seen much program but whatever I saw I liked them :)


red said...

here goes another one:)

Raabert:Boos,ek good news mein baap bangeya.Un teenonka kya naam rakoon Boooss.

Ajit:pehala ka peter,doosre ka mungle aur teesre ka chin choo miyanese.

Robert:Yeh teesra ka naam chineese kyon Boss.

Ajit:sunha hai ki har teesra bacha chinese hai.
yeah we do need bread spread with laugh too:)

vandy said...

Hi red

Every third child is a Chinese.
Ha ha

Bass koi aur joke bhi yaad aaye to suna dena.TIA :-)

Anonymous said...

here goes another one for you:)

Scene: Ajeet thouroughly disgusted with Mona daaa..arrling's typing.
Ajeet: Raaberrt, Mona ke dono hathon ko kaat do.
Raabert: Magar kyoon baas ?
Ajeet: Typing to nahi atee, kamsekam shaarthand to seekh legi.


vandy said...

@ manish
"Just that keep writing....

summer break starting from the next week so will try to post regularly.

Short hand...hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Where are you??


phatichar said...

Hey, I see takeshi's castle once a while..whacky isn't the word, huh? :)

First time here. Nice blog! :) Keep up the good jokes..err..work.

vandy said...

@ Phatichar.
Welcome here.

Ya wacky it is.Any thing is good if it makes me laugh :-)

I think I read ur blog (in Blurty.com)loong back.Are u the same person?

I'm here only. :-)

phatichar said...

Hey! You remember blurty?? Yeah, am the same guy...the one and only...:))

Anonymous said...

But not seeing you around. Seems busy...


Anonymous said...

its time for new post ma'am...red

Anonymous said...

Vandy Laughtaram!!! dreamofthedolphin.rediffblogs.com

Deepak Jeswal said...

Hi, Vandy, good laugh. But hey no worries, I am not removing u from fav list ...

Keep the posts flowing. And yeah, we all get bogged by monotony at times. Hope its better by now :)

Anonymous said...

hey vandy my email id is somewhere on my blog only...dhoondo to jaane;)...red

vandy said...

Busy...yes....Sort of (read lazy).

New post....sure. :-)

Hi Shibaji.....Laughtaram!!! Ha ha .
Hi Deepak.
I remember On ur blog,in "Category"
there was a colounm "reflections" where has it gone?
Ya.. feeling better now.A mom can't afford to feel monotonous for too long..:-)

red ma'am check ur mail.

Anonymous said...

Here comes one more

Michael : Boss mere do judwaa bachchon ka naam rakhiye.
Ajit : Pehle ka peter aur dusare ka repeater.