Thursday, October 21, 2004

Premchand's stories by Gulzar

Doordarshan is showing "Tahreer Munshi Prem Chand ki" .
Directed by GULZAR .Sundays 9 PM , since July. Someone told me about it.
I missed it. :-(
They say that 'Godan ' was very good.

Looking forward to this Sunday's story. :-)


Anonymous said...

hey u must keep reading this blog he always keeps u updated on such things...i think i remember him writing on these stories...but unfortunately i dont hv a tv here now.........:(

vandy said...

This is Dee J. Right?

We do visit each other's blog. Didn't see him here for a long time. :-(

Anonymous said...

it must be good to c gulzaar's efforts on small screen.

Anonymous said...

hi...phir koi naya post nahi??? anyways i hv put up a lot of material up on my blog...hope u read it fully! and also dont miss my story NAAGIN...its a kitsch and cliche ridden story...the contest is find out the bollywood cliche that i might hv missed out...i mean its like watching a typical hindi potboiler complete with a karva chauth scene and heroine in rain and mom feeding gajar ka halwa

hope u hv fun reading it...coz i loved writing it!

Anonymous said...

Last sunday the serial featured "kaki"
though the quality (dialogues and editing esp) was poor
but it'll do remind you of a simpler time
and that in itself is a feelgood
and dont get me wrong. i m not someone who gofor gloss and looks

though on sunday i was watching this thing on DD bharti
starring pankaj kapoor raghubir yadav reema lagoo
itwas abt the old age and its problem (and with no drama)
i was expecting that it will turn
into another the-death-of-this-old-fellow-due-to-negligence
but it was nice balancing film (unlike bhagbaan)

DD bharti is damn good channel showcasing the KHAZANA that DD owns
the other day they hav shown sooraj ka satva ghoda with almost zero commercial
break. i was watching this film for the first time and shyam benegal's direction
was brilliant. post- Hari bhari shyam ko pata nahin kya ho gaya hai.

[this is regarding your last post : i dont know why ppl r having this sudden fad
for sanskritized name. can u believe, someone named his kid NIRARTHAK. i genuinely
feel Pooja deepak aakash aditya shyam are great names. though not Meena ]


vandy said...

It was so difficult for me to make my kids (age 10 and 7) to watch this. Same time Tom & Jerry was there on Cartoon Chenne . But at the end even they liked it.

Old age problem….. The younger generation is not always wrong.
( I hope they repeat that programme.

Suraj ka….
I saw it long back. And Raghuvir yadav was too good along with other excellent characters.

My God ye to “Ateet” se bhi aage nikal gaye..
But what do you say of Parthiv?

Anonymous said...

you r right, kids will prefer t & J over rurral tale
but i dont know why elders choose cute things for kids. we think that kids will like to play with dolls, but they choose Pistols guns and kitchen set. i remember my Dad awlays ask me to read Nandan Parag and he use to said it can fire ur imagination better than those costly comics and i use to hate him telling me wot to read and wot not to read. :)

vandy said...

Nandan is sure obsolete now.
Parents choose...because they want their children to enjoy what they enjoyed most as a child.
I too love T&J but addiction is bad..
BTW who are you? seems first timer here.

Anonymous said...

all those anonymous posts were me.....DEEPAK ...but where r u these days...neither at my blog nor any new post here...all ok?

vandy said...

Hi Deepak.
Why Anonimous? Leave ur name every time u visit.OK
Ya I was a bit busy. But not too busy to visit ur blog!
"Naagin" I had kept for the weekend.(but today also I had to go to work :-(
So many books ... are there to read. and I'm a slow reader :-(
Baught a book by Ruskin Bond ...
Check this nice blog on him.

Anonymous said...

waz waiting for ur next post:)

Anonymous said...

Deepak Here:

Vandy, whats up? no post in a l-o-n-g time now! how are u? aayush keeping u busy or what? since i hv an internet connection now at home, i hv started msn messaging to my nephew aayush (and akshay)

vandy said...

Hi Deepak.
so many interesting posts around I feel like reading more than writing.You also didn't put up something new for long.
ok I'll tell Ayush to write something this time.Usually I get some write up or lil poem in his rough copy or in a crumpled paper.

Hi Anon (neets)
thanks for the visit.
Liked ur views on Karwa Chauth :-)

Anonymous said...

deepak here...

did u read my story HATE? how did u find it? will hv a new post up tomorrow...for sure!

a poem from aayush wud be really nice!

(btw yahan to ulta hisaab hai, i generally write out sth for the kids' school mag... in fact, my mom's cousin was a regular to get sth written from me for her kids...her son also won a debate which i had ghost written)

Anonymous said...

so...i am here again....howz u doin?
put up a doodle board..or something ..

Anonymous said...


Hi r u ? busy? long time no r things...

i was reading some of ur old posts today...found the one on ur kid real cute. I dont hv my own kids but hv seen my sis's kids grow up pretty closely ( i mean, that included changing their nappies and cleaning the potty too at times when she used to come over for the weekend ) ... and kids of these days are real and outspoken...

aayush is now 11, and the first thing that he asks me on the msn messanger is "mama, koie girlfriend banayi?" he was always the sharper one and more haazir jawab than his elder brother...but now toh, aayush is...baap re baap!

He and his naani (thats my mom ) r always on some verbal sparring match...even my mom concedes defeat...

but both are real cutie pies...i mean i might be biased...but yeah, they r great fun to be with!!!

Anonymous said...

deepak ur profile also today...if u like trekking, do make a trip to nepal with hubby and aayush...wud luv to be the host!

vandy said...

Hi Deepak,
No.. I was here only and left "two lines" in ur 'money and relationship" post,but u missed it seems :-(

Abt ur nephews, I think we mausis and mamas(aunts and uncles)love our neices and nephews more than our own kids.I used to tell my didi that I have spent all my love on her kids and there is no love left for my own kids. :-)

So Aayush asked u a question..any answer??

Anonymous said...

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