Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Naming names

Its a difficult task to search a name for a new born.Everyone wants a diffrent and meaningful name.Friends, relatives,grandparents suggest some name or other.Few"different" names I came across:Once, in train I heard a mother calling her son...ATEET (past)
A friend suggested RIMLI for my daughter he didn't know the meaning but said its a bengali name (tell me if anyone knows abt it) There are so many but can't remember now.But the name which intrigues me most is PARTHIV (patel) I have heard this word only in one context 'parthive shareer'. I think Parthiv means Worldly. but i really hope it means something cute and nice like our lil cricketer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vandy ( and before I forget to mention, as i did on Hima's blog) I am deepak here....

Yes, naming a new born is full of fun and delight...when my nephew was born we had a great time thinking a name from me ranging from the wierd to the mundane before settling down to AKSHAY ( that was 1990, and the deluge of Akshays in film industry had not really picked up ) ....even that someone told us was not a nice name to keep as Akshay was one of Ravan's sons in Ramayan...but my sister just stuck on....I also love my other nephew's name Aayush, though now that is also getting a wee bit is also amazing how names also have 'fads'...for eg u will find many people of my generation ( ok ok, i mean in their early thirties)named DEEPAK, though my mom points out that when she kept it, it was still not all that a usual name. Now, i feel that on any road of India i just hv to pick up a stone and it is bound to hit a Deepak! Wotsay? My other favorite names include Rudra (its so forceful), Saagar ( so serene) and Shrey. AMongst female names I love Pooja ( common common, but still luv it, and dont read any hidden meanings to it :) ). And I just cant get over the fact that PAWAN is always a masculine name...but in hindi, Pawan , the word, is of feminine gender...pawan chalti hai...not chalta hai...(or,as in that song, "sun ri pawan, pawan purvaiya")

vandy said...

Hi Deepak
hay Ayush is my son's name too.7 yrs back this name was equally common but his grandpa wanted this name and we too liked it.
There are 2 ayush in his class and one in mine. :-)

Deepak is such a nice name(mom has a good choice) I Think Anil and
Suneel are more common.
During 1990-91 I taught in a school at doon ,there were atleast 3 Gaurav in every class...

Puja... :-)
Rhea is also a cute name.

Anonymous said...

I guess Riya would be better than Rhea! (was my ex-gf's false identity ;) )
"Meenakshi", I know is casual name but forgive my obsessiveness with this one since I love everything about my sis (including her name :>) with all my heart and very compulsively. Akruti, Shweta, Khushboo, Anshema are other good girl names coming to my mind on first thought.
Off late, I was generally reading about parenting (still a single student rite now :) ) and was fascinated by that blog of yours. Yeah sure, girls do look gorgeous hopping those squares :"> But I'd opine that this goes not only for kids but girls of any age.
Anyways ... heres wishing you a lovely diwali and a great, productive year ahead :-)

anonymously yours
/my name/ ;-)

PS: great to know ur husband is an ex-IITian. I am a student in IIT right now!

vandy said...

'Riya'ur 'EX' 'GF' 'False identity'.
Deepak could write a bestseller with these keywords.

Meenakshi is a lucky girl I must say to have a bro like you.

Akruti, Shweta, Khushboo, Anshema..ya nice names but I think a lot depends on the the personality of the person accordingly name also looks good or bad.

Fascinated by my post... Thanks

wishing me a 'productive year' !! Thanks again.

Anonimous...Amit? Rahul? Gaurav? or Mayank???(Starting with M like ur dear sis' name???

PS: longest reply I hv ever written :-)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for digressing here (that word riya carried me off a bit :-s). but reg. writing I had written something thing, nothing like a bestseller but something with those keywords which mostly is a kind of sad dream for me and . . . . Hahaha :-)) anyway.
Your hopes have already been fulfilled Vandy. Yours is 1 of the 4 blogs I check out more than 2-3 times a day, so u'll have more of my vists often.
{/end snip}
Jokes apart, wats so filmy about a teeka :-/ I didn't got it. Its lovely I guess, you see- between all those physical fights(mostly one sided where I USED TO beat her a lot), caustic comments, nasty pranks, lots of tickling 'n hair-pulling and off late this charm of getting beaten by her(I deliberately tease the hell out of her to get a slight beating :">)..... and between all these things its only bhai dooj, her marriage anniv, rakhi, her b'day, diwali n new year when she gets chweet wishes from me, gifts may be 'n a solemn 'charan sparsh'. So dont u think teeka would be sooo one sided in ur favour like its in Meenu(aka Meenakshi) didi's case? Say Say:>

I'd rather say its better if its out of the way once in a while. May be you can surprise ur bro next bhai dooj, with a not-so-used-to teeka thing from your side, his fav sweetmeat(esp cooked by YOU for him), may be a special visit to his home, tons of love and of course a demand for a hefty gift ;-) He'd be hardly able to refuse it :D

exotic na? :-)

see ya then. Take Care. I'll be off the blogs for sometime 'coz of exams :-s Hoping to see a lot of nice stuff after a week!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh! duffer me #-o

I am so sorry to have mixed up my comments this time :( Was actually SIMULATENOUSLLY typing both comments to your "Of birthday & Hopscotch" and "Naming names" writings. Hence the goofup.
won't happen next time. sorry again.


vandy said...

Hi bro!
Long time no see/comment.
Ok Next year I will surprise my brother with Teeka on bhai dooj!I wonder how wd he react. For cooking something nice for him....he is a better cook.
abt gifts..Gifts I get from my bro are quite unconventional.Last year he gave me shoes.and this time a very smart Raincoat..:-)

Mixed up the comments.......No problems.

Ricky said...

Hi Vandy,

Really loved your post. Let me tell you few different names I have come across. Prabhnoor (Ray of GOD), Sirjan (Like a Prayer) and Ansh (a small part of life).

By the way Parthiv means "Prince of Earth"....isn't it cute? he looks like a prince but he plays like a rock...