Saturday, September 11, 2004

Jack & Jill

Got this in a FWD mail and could'nt stop laughing.

Jackwa aur Jilwa
Gaye upar Hilwa
Pani bhari ke waste.
Jackwa gir gawa, uka khopdi fut gawa
aur jilwa aawat ludhkan pure raste!!!!!



Me said...

Tell this to ur kids :)

vandy said...

should I ?? Naaa

Anonymous said...

Nice "Awadhi" twist to the tale... :)


Anonymous said...

Hehehe nice rhyme.


vandy said...

Hi Dhoop & Natasha !
Ya someone has really done good translation.
And the subject of the FWD mail was "Laloo's Version".

Hi Manish !
I read ur comment in ur Blog itself :-)

Thaughts Unlimited said...

arree.. have u gone to fetch water urself??? no new post???

vandy said...

Hi Thoughts!
to fetch water.....sort of. :-) :-)
But was not too busy to read your and some other blogs
I visit.

Anonymous said...

no new post.... sad ho gaye hum


soul_searching said...

Hi vandy,
Thnx fr dropping by at my blog. looks like u r a twisted nursery rhyme fan too. :) well u can expect some more coming soon, keep checking my blog

This is my other blog on blogspot. it is rather spaced out and serious, something not everybody enjoys reading, rather philosophical in a way, so to say.

till then....... i continue soul searching