Monday, September 06, 2004

Mom's Diary.


Today I packed a bunch of black grapes for Betu (is in class 1) instead of usual paratha or toast,Just to surprise him, as he is fond of it.
Did you share it with other guys?
Why? Shouldn’t you share?
“There was no need to share…they took themselves..”
And you? I enquired.‘I too had’, he replied carelessly.

He wants to "see the world". This is what he said when after showing him the spectacular tableau in a Deepawali function I asked him,
“Isn’t it nice? what else do u want to see?”.

 An avid reader.Archie’s fan
Noooooooo…. abhi loading hai" , he had shouted from the toilet, (he was not even 3 yrs old then) when I asked him should I come and clean him.
I didn’t know how to react to this computer addict!

The two guys who shared the grapes are given the role of robbers,Vibhu is in the lead role, and Avani is the tree…Ay you are not given any role to play?
“No” Why? “because I’m the narrator”……and jumped from the bed and ran away shouting:

“to infinity and beyond…

He is such a fine(cute) fellow.
My son…. 


Me said...

*Off-Topic Comment*
Where should I send the book Bridget Jones' Diary to? Please email me at in this regard

vandy said...

sent u a mail regarding this.

I hope that I wd enjoy reading it more after having watched the movie.


Manish said...

Talking to kids is really a funny experience. That's why my favourite show is Say Na Something to Anupam Uncle at SAB tv.

Today's kids are 5 times more smarter than we were :-)They give so witty replies, which are so incredible for thier age. Like your son did - “There was no need to share…they took themselves..”

Anonymous said...


wow a genius in making i suppose. these tiny tots oph baba how they talk.
kind of make us speachless.....


vandy said...

"genius in making i suppose"

Inshaa allah!

Every Mom has something special to tell about her lil genius.

Thanks for the visit Natasha.

Thaughts Unlimited said...

well.. kids are so cute.. and now a days they are all so intelligent!! :-) now i can really feel what they call as generation gap :D

vandy said...

Hi manish & Thoughts
ya they are intelligent.
Day before in my class of 4 to 5 yr olds, I asked them to name few cricket players and they cd tell 4 names ...Sachin, dravid, shewag, and Kaif( ma'am who broke his bat while playing..)
Some are more intelligent than others.And few of them are genius.
Cute they are!!