Sunday, April 30, 2017


One has to reach Joshimath in Uttarakhand to follow the trails to Badrinath, Valley of Flowers, Auli and some other beautiful treks. It took me more than 9 hrs to reach here from Dehradun.
Joshimath, originally called Jyotirmath drives its name from the fact that here under the Kalpvriksh, Adi Shankaracharya did tapasya and had the darshan of the Jyoti.
Kalptaru,uner this tree Adi Guru did tapasya for 2 yrs
On my way to Pangarchulla trek, I reached Joshimath late in the evening.The hotel didn't serve the  food so I went out to  explore the city and look for my dinner. Ah! The bliss of a new city where nothing is familiar and monotonous. This city seemed lucky for me, as I got the clothes fit for the trekking. The shopkeeper suggested me 'Chauhan Tea Stall, run by a lady, for dinner. Food tasted home cooked and lacked the dhaba taste, good enough for me.

After a fantastic trek to Kunwari pass I came back to Joshimath on my way back.I was not exactly tired, but had bearable body pain due to the trekking on snow, grass and stones for four days. After a hot shower I walked towards the Marwari Hotel for a cuppa of hot tea.With a little limp I climbed up the ascending road to Kalptaru, the famous Tree under which  Rev Adi Shankaracharya did the tapasya.

In the evening I strolled through the streets of Joshimath leisurely. I was more aware of the surroundings with a free mind, as the trekking part was over successfully. The moment I came out of the hotel, I noticed cleanliness all around. Each and every nook and corner of the city was spotlessly clean. From Shankaracharya Math at the top to Narsingh Temple at the lower side of the town, it was a pleasure to walk. To reach the Narsingh temple I walked narrow lanes with the houses in a row beside it, with friendly residents who guided me reach the temple. I wished the lanes of my lovely Benaras were also equally clean.

It was getting dark so I couldn't go further and gazed at the temple from the distance.I found the clean lanes more worshippable than any temple in the world. I thought of the holy hands behind cleaning the place and keeping it in that way.

At Marwari Chawk, I congratulated one of the sanitary workers for keeping the city so clean. About his routine he told me that he, like twenty seven others are given particular areas. He works from 6 to 11 in the morning and then 2 o'clock onwards in the evening.

He thanked me for the compliments and said that it was nice that I had noticed it. My dear sanitary angel, you are no less than a soldier, or an engineer or a politician who is doing his bit in taking India forward.Keep shining!

I think there should be rewards for the cleanest states, city and area.The sanitary workers should be given uniforms and right to object and punish the people who litter the street.

 I'm thankful to the cool shop-owner of the Marwari Sweet Shop, who allowed me to sit and wait in his restaurant to make and wait for phone calls as there was no signal available in my hotel room. Tea was good and sweets were tempting.

Joshimath please call me again for my dream trip To Valley of Flowers in coming August.

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