Friday, July 20, 2012

Of Rajesh Khanna

Usme se nikle pandit ji.
Panditji ne khaya ganna.
Usme se nikla Rajesh Khanna.
Rajesh khanna ne khai supari.
Usme se nikli Meena.......etc etc
This is the hindi equivalent of 
"In-Pin-Safety-Pin-In-Pin-OUT. And 'Inky pinky ponky, Father had a donkey.
Rajesh Khanna is an idiom in India which means charisma.

 I switched on the TV after ages when I heard about  the sad news of RK's demise.
  As it was expected that all the  News Channels were flooded with the songs of his films.And the first sentence I could hear about him was that he as so popular that during 70's it was said that
 "Upar aaka, Neeche Kaka" ( God up there and RK down here) I didn't know I should laugh or cry.
I came back to Net to read something genuine about him on Twitter or FB. I was curious how some of the columnists I read would react to the great loss.

Next day while browsing the newspapers I was wondering if I could read something by  Deviyani Chaubal who wrote during his heydays and I got it in Jayanti Ranganathan's column where she quoted Ms chaubal :
" Rajesh khanna was no less than a star even before he started his acting career"and "  Kaka only knew how to be loved he could never give love.He is not as romantic as he looks on screen.He expected his girlfriend to treat him as a star only".  "He often used to repeat the dialogues from his films in dramatic manner."

Shobha De' also quoted one of  RK's ex flames, "She smiled and shook her head, “Kaka was incapable of loving anyone. He was only ever in love with himself!”

 Hema Malini's tribute was also interesting. She wrote, "He didn't like retakes. He could remember long dialogues in hindi easily and could deliver them with perfection.For a south Indian actress it was awesome." She also mentioned how he started using the same gestures and style of speaking  in real life also the way he did in his films.
 Sharmila Tagore hated the way, such a poignant dialogue, "Pushpa, I hate tears." has become a joke.

I always knew him as a male chauvinist  and literally prayed for Dimple's success when she made a comeback, thinking God please help her and let her have the last laugh.

RK belonged to my mom's generation.I got acquainted to his talent only when I watched his lovely movies on Youtube.Somehow I don't remember his movies on Doordarshan.

Coming back to columnists, let's see what  Khushwant Singh writes in his column on RK.That I would know tomorrow only.


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