Thursday, September 04, 2008

Teacher's Day

When does rest of the world celebrate Teacher's Day?
Do they celebrate it at all.


Juneli said...

Yes, we do celebrate it. In Nepal we celebrate it on Guru Purnima.

I made a post on that day. If you have not read it then you may read it here:

All the days - mother's day, father's day, Dasehara, Deewali, bhai dhooj, and so many other festivals - we celebrate according to the Hindu calender (panchang)

Happy Teacher's day.

Ashish Gupta said...

'They' don't really 'celebrate' it in the spirit of a celebration.

Sporadically a few good people who get a few good teachers do 'celebrate'. Its a joyful thing for them. Otherwise I'm skeptical.

School--yes we did celebrate it for 2-3 teachers (celebrate = wished them from our heart).

College--I have known a few cases of a few good men.

The world's getting cold didi! Hope you had a better experience at school. Cheers to all you teachers :)

vandy said...

hi Juneli
it's really great that these festivals are celebrated according to the Hindu calender.We should learn it from our friendly neighbour.

I read it long back,will read it again.

vandy said...

hi Ashish.
At school level it's still celebrated with lot of enthu.
I had fun that day.

Deepak Jeswal said...

An extremely belated Happy Teacher's Day

And a 'beforated' Happy Dusshera and Diwali :-D

vandy said...

Thanks Deepak,
best wishes to you too.
Read the print out of ur mumbai post.You know why I take so long in leaving comment on your posts.
visited ur orkut account too.Didn't know it existed.

Manish said...

Happy Diwali - still in Pune. I am going Lko next month for a marriage ...

Manish said...

Happy Birthday, Vandana. Hope kids have planned a surpise for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :-)

vandy said...

Thanks Manish
As The cliche goes..Now candles cost more than the cake. :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon.
How are you?
Long time.No mail, no look busy...