Saturday, April 26, 2008

why Amitabh is not a typical blogger?

1. No blogger puts his own photographs on his blog.

2. HE doesn't wait for the comments,he gets them anyway that too in 100s.

3. All the readers know him but he doesn't know them.It's not the case with
a normal blogger.

4. He is a busy man. Can't keep track of all his blog friends.Would HE
experience that delight of knowing someone who thinks just like him.The way we do.

5. Would he be happy to know that one of his blog-friends has become father recently.

6. Would he wait for his blog friend's newborn child's pics?

7.Wd HE know that how one feels when ppl u hv never met,never forget to wish u Happy Birthday. Even though you don't write too well but still they praise ur writing skills and encourage u.
Discuss Ghalib and Gulzar.

And many other things He would not feel the way a typical blogger does.

-Vandy (an Amitabh fan)


Manish said...

Two posts in a day ! Then really you must have been feeling great that day :-)

On your Point 7, I can at least take claim of remembering your Bi'day !

How are your smart kids, Vandy ? Any other funny incident you can relate!

vandy said...

Hi Manish
Thanks for making the comment section 'Aabaad':-)

point 7....That goes without saying :p

Just the day b4 I had a good laugh over something they said,not able to remember now.tell u the moment I recall.

Juneli said...

Here I'm too make the comment box Abaad :)

Very well said.

This year I forgot your B'day :(. Not only yours but most of my friends............ :(

Anonymous said...

@ juneli
4got probs!

Take care.