Thursday, May 24, 2007

Guru..r Bramha -2

In her creative writing class when she showed her assignment to the instructor, expecting something motivating she was insulted saying why in the first place did she choose that course?

Broken hearted and sad she had stopped writing for many years.When she started writing again the same write-up was appreciated and awarded too.She became a successful writer.(courtesy:chicken soup for the writers' soul)

2nd case.

She worked hard on her project and then the sigh of relief on its completion.Just after the submission she had planned to visit home and then join the new job in a new place.The enthu and happiness was apparent.Date is fixed for joining.Everything was going well as planned.Tickets booked.Then what cd be the reason for the long face and sad eyes?
"sir is not free Submission 'll take place later".

Most of the times students are careless, take things for granted etc but sometime they are humiliated for no fault of theirs.

My question is

1. Did you experience , seen any such case.

2. What can be done to make sure that the student sh not be harassed.And the dignity of the teacher is maintained.


Manish said...

No this has never happened with me, but this happens quite regularly with the people in the office environment.

For these cases, I usually recommend not to bother about the dignity of the inflicting boss :-)

Deepak Jeswal said...

Has happened once in school, at least of what I remember, Had given an awfully ridiculous answer, but I think the teacher's reprimand was exceptionally harsh.

Recently, I gave an interview where the HR guy more or less flung aside my resume stating 'my career had no direction'(partly true, i guess). I felt pretty bad, and found his remark very harsh. If the resume was so bad, they shouldn't have called me in the first place, no?

vandy said...


vandy said...

Hi manish and DJ.
I'm back.and nice to see ur comments here.

Manish, if the boss/teacer is can ruin ur future then u cannot afford not to bother abt him.

Dj ,He said this to u? i can understand wot type of person he must be.