Friday, March 09, 2007

Job watch

Out of around hundred applications 25 candidates were called for the interview.
They fell into three catagories.

i) Who were ready to join at any cost.They even got the appointment letter next day.

ii) They were mediocre and and were ready to work with company's conditions."money is good..." types.They were politely told to wait till things get finalised.

iii) The best lot consisted of 2-3 candidates who faced the interview well with confidence,wanted to work on their own genuine conditions.They were told that they wd be informed witin a week.

Now my question is: a)
Do the employers shy away from the ppl who are very good,and outspoken ? A person who knows his work well will not take nonsense from his boss.

b)Should the candidate give the impression that he is desperate for the job or sh he give the impression that I'm good,if not here somewhere else.


Juneli said...

After all a post after 7 months!!!

A thought provoking post.

a) I think the employers not shy away but they would think that the person continue the job.

b) I think in either way the loss is for the candidates - as at the first condition the employer thought - s/he desperately needs the job and would join the company without any demand and they can offer whatever they wish, and in the second condition - also give an negative impression.

So I think the candidate have to present their impression on a very balanced way so that the employer would be happy to hire him at any cost. :).

vandy said...

thanks Juneli.
per vo balance kahaan se laayein
:-) they try ur patience.

desperately needs ....that wd be begging

Manish said...

Personally when I take the interveiws, desperately needs one give me negative impression.

They do have something missing about them and that's why put that under desperation.

Often, these guys never prove useful for employers - neither in short run nor in long run. They turn out to be white elephants.

Those who are good ones, are usually confindent ones. They are slightly more demanding, and may be blunt. Realizing the potential, employers make a negotiation and take them because even the short run they prove to be useful.

But beware of fakes.

I look for the sharp ones - the ones who show street smartness, and are fast to react.

vandy said...

Thanks Manish for the much waited comment :-) . Tied up with the Report-card work....will be back as soon as holidays begin

Manish said...

Many happy returns for the day!!

Junei said...

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Vandy
Happy Birthday to You

Philena said...

Great work.