Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nature is playing Holi

Happy Holi to u all.


The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...


That is a very mellow and pretty shot. It reminds me of the Azealea trail in Mobile Alabama, this time of year.

The Julie Andrews quote was hysterical.

Keep on blogging.

Peter, Chief Editor and Spell Wrecker
The Peter Files Blog of Comedy, Satire and Commentary

Silky Moon said...

Happy Holi.... Here I came with gulaal and Balloons...ab bach ke kahan bhagogi :P.

Really beautiful photos. What the best than the colours of the nature. I really loved it.

And of course gujia too. Send some gujia... Throw it instead of gulal and balloons.

Wishing you and your family Happy and colourful Holi... Have fun :D :)

red said...

happy holi!!!

vandy said...

Hi red and SM...happy holi to u too.

Tarun said...

Happy holi to you too...ye guzia kehan yaad dila di.

vandy said...


susubala said...

Happy Holi to u too, though belated !

BTW, the nature's holi is superb !

Manish said...

Happy Holi Vandy!

Gujhia!!! Haven't tasted one since ages now!

vandy said...

@ susubala.
The pic is good...Thankyou :-)

@ manish.
and why didn't u taste Gujhiya for ages???:-(

mehak said...

we dint even apply a pinch of color this year...no holi in bang....n also no gujjia....

Manish said...

First of all, Wish you a very Happy Birth Day Vandana !!!!

I haven't tasted Gujhiya since ages because my intestines have developed a strong repulsion against fine wheat flour. I have become allergic to it :-(