Monday, February 06, 2006

Of living and Non-living Things

To explain “Living and Non-living Things” I made a collage for the 5 year olds I teach.
A simple concept but they felt enlightened when told how non-living things do not feel,grow and breathe as we do.
“After few years u all be tall and grown up but do u think this chair wd also grow tall like u all?” With mock seriousness I asked .
Noooooo ma’am. They laughed.
They answered enthusiastically the questions I asked based on the topic.
Just before winding up I asked casually:
“Which one do u like best? Living OR Non-Living Things?
Most of the children chose Non-living,thanks to the attractive pics of aeroplane , toys and eatables etc.
But when I said I like living things best, pointing at the cute cats, trees and humans, half of the class followed me.Rest of them were still for non-living things.
I asked a child,
“Sam ,I’ll give you two options:
1. Your best friend Sidhant will come to your house for a day .You can play and hv fun.
2. I’ll give u a nice ,a very nice toy to play with for the day. What wd u choose?
Sam rolled his big eyes behind his tiny specs and blurted…”I want sidhant!! And exchanged smiles with his dear fren.
After a pause he said.. “Ma’am I too like living things”

It is indeed a difficult question to answer even for an adult. Every sensible person wd answer “Living things.”
What do you say?
But then Non-living things don’t hurt your feelings unlike humans.Sigh!


Tarun said...

It all depends what the thing you are asking about in particular, at least for adults or who knows the outcome of his or her decision.

e.g. if someone asked me would u like a real lion (living) or a toy one (non-living) to play. Definetly it will be non-living and not going to change even ash or sush says they will go for living. ;)

And for kids it's very difficult for them to compare and manipulate so either they go by the last choice or they start following someone elder than them.

vandy said...

Hi Tarun.
I just asked them casually..didn't expect them to compare etc.
By Non-living I meant Materialistic..

Aapke Tag pe kaam chal raha hai...:-)

red said...

but we don't living things to die also.that hurts more than anything r u?

vandy said...

Hi red.
I'm fine...