Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rhyme and Reason

Mother and Father

We are always loved by our mother and Father.
They are near us not very farther.
We are the buds and they are the flowers.
They know very much and hv lot of power.

They help us so they are good as gold,
But they sometimes get angry and sometimes bold.
They help us to colour and help us to draw,
and stop us to eat the food which is raw.

They cook food for us and even play.
When I grow big I will help them everyday.


As we were talking abt 'bag checking after school'. I sometimes get poems written on crumpled papers.This is one of them.


Anonymous said...

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Ashish said...

D'oh and I was wondering who beats me up to be the first one here :P

oh my my ... such a lovely piece
How innocently and lovingly written:
"But they sometimes get angry"
"When I grow big I will help them everyday"

Oh and banda intelligent hai- talks on the lines of "roti, kapda and makaan" theory- know wat he wants from life :P
Oops was just kidding!

deepakjeswal said...

Well, hope u r encouraging his talent ... it wud be such a waste if these pieces lay crumpled in sheets only ...

Tarun said...

After reading this I can say 'Bachha hoga pehla kavi'.....remember that old saying by someone 'Viyogi hoga pehla kavi'...

Manish said...

Good talent, noble thoughts!

vandy said...

Hi Ashish.
Now I collect these crumpled papers ..better late than never.

bachha hoga.....nicely put:-)


Anonymous said...

I want say a proverb here that my Maa always keeps saying:

"Maa guna bachharu
pitaa gun ghod
na besi to
thod be thod"

I hope you understood the mean of these lines :)

See your talent se can see in Ayush too. Keep him encouraging. Hey why don't you give a diary to him and tell to write whatever he feels.

:) Silky Moon

Anonymous said...

hey where has lost the line I wrote about the poem.

OK. Here again. Really lovely poem with innocent feelings.

:) Silky Moon

the_new_cloud said...

Really a very innocent one...

Zoya said...

Hi ! Very nice blog you have here. I'll be shortly putting you on my blog roll...I like what you write as well as the way you do. Came here from Deepak's blog. Glad I did. :)

Anonymous said...

hi hem here...this reminded me of those small poems that i used to write in my school days....

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

my first visit to your blog...
will come back again...

what do you do by the way?

Ashish said...

hey di, how about - chatting !
LMAO =)) =))
that too from some call center!

19/f/mumbai - thodi pAgAl hai, very conservative - but I like her a lot :">

vandy said...

@ Silky moon

Cdn't get 2 & 3rd line.

@new cloud.

Thanks for the kind words.

@ Hii Hem.Long time ....
but we never shared our poems with any one.. did we?

@ om
Welcome Om.

Ashish said...

arrrrreeeeee mere comment ka koi reply nahi kara :-?
{rolling eyes, raising eyebrows, putting on my thinking cap}

Me said...

nicely written...
Happy Diwali..

Keshi said...

aww so terribly cute...


Manish said...

Happy Diwali to you and your family, Vandana Ji!

red said...

vandy ji, diwali mubarak.

vandy said...

Hi Ashish.
Happy Diwali:-)
@Avik. thanks..and same to u.

@Keshi. :-))
@ Manish. Happy Diwali to u too Manish Ji :-)
AApko bhi...:-)

Camphor said...

Oh, so incredibly sweet.

from the mouth of the innocent, wisdom shall spring...

vandy said...

"from the mouth of the innocent, wisdom shall spring... ..

Wow nice words.
Welcome here Camphor :-)
Read ur other comments too .

Anonymous said...

Oh you didn't not understand? I though you would understand it. I think I will write a post on it :). A small one so all other my reader also know then :)

:)Silky Moon

susubala said...

lovely, lovely, lovely. Wonderful thoughts.