Saturday, August 13, 2005

SOOCHNA (Fwd mail)


Agar aap
bus, train, plane ya kahin se bhi
aa jaa rahe hon
kisi mahila/ladki key haath míen
phool, dhaaga, chain yaa chamakti hui koi bhee vastu dekhein
toh turant wahan se bhaag jayein.
Yeh vastu RAKHI ho sakti hai.
Aapki zara si laaparwahi aapko BHAI bana sakti hai.

Bharat Sarkar dwaara purush-hit mein jaari !!


ashish said...

waise who else sent had sent that? I got it a couple of dozen times :-s

have a great rakhi.
me leaving for home.
tata for a week!
lotsa love :-*

Tarun said...

Bharat sarkar ne sahi jaari kiya hai....chalo acha hai yehan is baat ka koi dar nahi ;)

red said...

lagta hai bharat sarkar ne sabko yeh message offliner thru bheje hain:)i've already recieved 10 of

vandy said...

Happy Raakhi Ashish :-)

Hi,I was expecting ur comment on my "Nainital Trip" you are from Kumaoun.

@Red. Surprising I received it for the 1st time and immediately Fwd it bhi ho hai funny :-)

Me said...

lol...its really funny vandy...
excellent...i have blogrolled you..

deepakjeswal said...

LOL... i also received this on SMS on sunday evening :-)

(Read ur Naintal/Siguri trip post and commented)

Manish said...

Thank God, I am not travelling :-)

Manish said...

Waise bhi ab iska koi darr nahin :-) Sab moh-maya hai :-)

Mridula said...

This post got me laughing.

vandy said...

I know how irritating is it to get the same joke again and again. but I read it 4 the 1st time and cdn't resist FWDing it.

@ Avik. :-)
and thanks for the honour.

Nice that it made u laugh. Otherwise half of the Janta had already read it.

Not travelling :-)

Achha to aapko gyaan prapt ho hi gaya :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

LOL :D. I'm reading this first time.

Chalo shukro karo who got tie rakhee from those women and girl BHAI to bana, real BHAI na bane to bhee :P

We don't have such customs I mean tieing rakhee in school and other public places. We tie rakhee own and relatives not all like in India.

Hey Ma'm not seeing you in my page. Busy hain kya? Help me!

:) Silky Moon

vandy said...

Hay Rhicha...we also don't tie Raakhi at the public places...its just a Joke!!!!!

Tarun said...

oh I didn't check that...ok le me check and add the comments....;)

Anonymous said...

I know that you don't have such customs. I said the publicly mean girls go to school with Rakhee to tie some of their friends :). Yes, I know that SMS is just a Jock :).

Vandy "Ana" is back. Who the "Ana" is? You forgot so soon? Come and meet her :D

:) Silky Moon