Sunday, April 29, 2012

100 yrs of Hindi Cinema


Confused sperm”! We responded in unison as we saw one of our colleagues  behaving strangely.The reason of our strange behaviour was the movie (Vicky Donor) we had watched a day before.

Nostalgia is incomplete without the presence of hindi films in it, at least on my land.
My brother and sister share their names with the most successful film stars of the times they were born, though my mother maintains that it's just a coincidence.
I tease my parents if I were a boy they must have named me Rajesh Khanna, whose huge stardom coincided with my birth.
I remember watching Andaaz, Haathi mere saathi, Mehbooba,and most of his blockbusters, sitting on my mother's lap. This was the phase when I enjoyed watching only child actors and songs in a movie.. If I have to choose one song from the lot, that would be 'Mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu' or Zindagi ek safar hai suhana'.
 But I don't remember any movie specially made for children .
As I grew up, I don't remember watching movies at all. May be parents were busy with other responsibilities but they did not deprive us of the landmarks like Sholay and Jai Santoshi Maa.

Then came Amitabh Bachhan phase with Kala patthar and Amar Akbar, Anthony and a few more which we got to watch. During this period we lived in Allahabad, Amitabh's hometown. One of the boys in our class swore that he often saw Him at his terrace. Imagine our awe.
But no amount of charisma could save Amitabh from my despise when I saw him dancing on lewd songs in lawaris and Aakhiri Rasta, which I watched mostly on TV. He set a trend which was followed by many. Thankfully this trend didn't take very long to vanish.
I didn't watch Disco Dancer but Mithun Chakravarti remained my  favourite.
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Cinema is a powerful medium of communication. It must be used for social awareness.
Like the movie 'Munna Bbhai MBBS' which I enjoyed most is an excellent example and should be followed by other film makers. After watching it many people realised that they were suffering from diabetes and didn't know. They went for the check-up and started medication.

There are innumerable topics which need a debate.They don't have to make a documentary but subtly deal with the issue involving  the main actor or supporting actors.
I remember reading an article about a 30 year old heart patient in India Today, a few yrs back. He was a healthy guy who wondered how he never chose any form of physical exercise or sport in his life. He lamented that it never struck him that his sedentary lifestyle could be fatal. While reading I was pondering abt the movie 'Kal ho na ho'
a huge hit in which Shah Rukh Khan dies in the end.If Karan Johar would have added one of the causes of the disease.This guy might have realized his mistake.
There are so many issues like Gender Bias , problem related to old age, loneliness of the old people specially when one of the spouses is no more.
It is the duty of a daughter also to look after the aged parents. And there are so many small and big issues which can be mentioned in our movies.

These actors also owe a lot to the society. They need to do some sort of social work.
I heard Salman Khan donates bone marrow and Amitabh's 'pulse polio' ads are also praiseworthy. Let's see if John Abraham sets any example after 'Vicky Donor'.


Rohit Ghosh said...


Manish said...

Very nice post.

One of my cousin didi, who was with my mom when I was conceived, told me that had I been a girl, there was a full plan to name me - "Julie" from the famous movie :-)

My earliest memories is Amitabh Bachchan, particularly the "Chhora Ganga Kinarey Wala" song.

I remember watching (many times)at DD a complete children movie called Safed Hanthi starring Shatrughan Sinha.

vandy said...

@ Rohit :-)

Thanks Manish.

Julie :)
One of my cousins.'74 born,is Bobby:)

By any chance was the elephant's name in the movie Airavat? if not then how did I miss it?

Manish said...

Yes the name was Airawat.

Ashish Gupta said...

And I am teaching Hanu to say "Yaish", the way Mithun used to say in his movies ;-)

Ashish Gupta said...
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Ashish Gupta said...

Thankfully my pet name, Appu, was after the baby elephant mascot of 1982 (my birth year) Asiad games. No wonder, I am a sportsmen in my personal and professional life :-)

Thank god, my parents didn't resort to Bollywood icons to name me! I think I would have been a dramatist in my life otherwise :-O

Ashish Gupta said...

Oh and you can watch many of those classics here

vandy said...

sportsman bole to Khilari and dramatist/actor bole to nautanki...hai na?

This link looks good.Thanks.